Bright Memory Infinite has a wide array of skills to choose from for upgrades, and here are the best skills to start with.

Bright Memory Infinite: Best Skills Guide

Bright Memory Infinite has a wide array of skills to choose from for upgrades, and here are the best skills to start with.

Despite Bright Memory Infinite not being an incredibly long experience, there are still a ton of different skill upgrades to choose from. You’ll need to find Reliquaries in order to unlock skills, which look like small green statues scattered throughout the environment.

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There’s a ton of Reliquaries in the game, so as long as you’re keeping an eye out you shouldn’t have any trouble wracking them up. Now comes the hard part: which are the best skills for you to invest in.

Best Skills to Purchase First In Bright Memory Infinite

The absolute first skill you’ll want to sink all your points into is the Blade Slash and Light Blade Slash. Unlocking these skills will cause your sword to shoot out a medium-range shockwave with each slash, and upgrading it strengthens the attack even more.

The sword is by far your most powerful weapon in Bright Memory Infinite, so upgrade this ability first and you’ll be nearly unstoppable. With that in mind, here are a few other skills worth investing in afterward. 

  • Aerial Slash – This ability will let you close shoot forward with an upper slash, instead of just standing in place. Combined with other sword skills, this is great at closing the distance between you and enemies.
  • Blade Slash Whirlwind – You’ll first have to unlock Giant Blade Slash, but this skill throws your sword out as it homes in on an enemy and continually slashes them. You’re also able to keep shooting while the sword attacks. 
  • Tractor Beam – You’ll automatically have the Tractor Beam unlocked but it’s worth upgrading early on. An upgraded Tractor Beam will let you pull in enemies from a huge distance away, and it’s the perfect defense against snipers. 
  • Rocket Punch – You’ll have to unlock Shock Punch first, but Rocket Punch is really what you want. Rocket Punch has good range to it, just a bit longer than your sword slash, and it can be incredibly destructive fully upgraded.
  • Incendiary Grenade – You can upgrade whichever special ammo you like to use the most, however, for our money the Incendiary Grenade on the pistol is generally what does the most damage. This special ammo is very useful in boss battles, and if you place the shot right you can actually damage multiple enemies at once. 

As long as you get at least a couple of these skills, you shouldn’t have any trouble taking whatever Bright Memory Infinite has to throw at you. Keep an eye on GameSkinny for more Bright Memory Infinite guides.

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