Broken Age Shay Walkthrough: How to Skip the Ship Missions

How to quickly bypass the other missions in the beginning of the Shay side of Broken Age.

How to quickly bypass the other missions in the beginning of the Shay side of Broken Age.

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Shortly after waking up on Shay’s ship, you will be given an opportunity to take on several missions. While the missions at first seem to be important and interesting, they are actually children’s activities doctored up to seem initially threatening. Ultimately, they’re a part of the ship’s agenda to keep Shay safe. 

The four missions available are: 

  • Avalanche
  • Runaway Train 
  • Foreign Body on Hull 
  • Distress Beacon from the Ship Friendship Circle

You can go through all of the missions, most of them multiple times. They are humorous and set the mood for what Shay is going through. However, if you’d like a shortcut, there is an abbreviated route. 

You’re going to want to “suit up and investigate that foreign body.” This will not progress the story much, but it will give you an item. 

Before leaving, the computer will insist that you wear the safety suit. The suit is a bulbous piece of machinery with magnetic shoes that restrict your movement. Once you are outside the ship and on the hull, you’ll want to walk as far as you can to the right. 

At the end of the walkway there is an anemone like object. Click on it. Shay will feel a sudden and compelling urge to stick his face into the foreign body. 

As he does this, however, it attacks his face like a brightly colored face-hugger. He’ll struggle, but ultimately pull back and realize that the anemone was, in fact, a present. 

The game will cut to Shay being fed breakfast. 

The next mission you’re going to want to select in the bridge is “Runaway Train.” The computer will deposit you on what appears to be a slightly oversized children’s train. Shay is at the front. Ahead there is a disaster, the bridge is out and the Bridge Man (a large mountain) has fallen asleep. The train will pull up to the top of the hill before the final fall into Spike Canyon. The long-armed yarn creature in the back of the vehicle will not let go of the top of the hill unless the path is clear. 

Your plan is to sabotage the train and fall into Spike Canyon. 

Wake up the Bridge Man and he will extend his tongue. The long-armed yarn creature will release his grip on the top of the hill. When he does this, click the Bridge Man, telling him to go back to sleep. This will cause you to fall into Spike Canyon. 

Shay will plummet to his seeming doom, along with the yarn creatures. However, the base of Spike Canyon is full of foam shapes rather than actual spikes, so Shay is completely safe even in this dangerous situation. 

While at the base of Spike Canyon, and after the yarn creatures have been bounced away, Shay is introduced to a wolf figure.

This is an important character, and will help you through the rest of the story. He will toss Shay a key and then disappear as Shay is sucked up into the protective cocoon of the ship. 

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