Broken Age: Vella Walkthrough Part One

How to find your way through the Double Fine adventure game: Broken Age.

How to find your way through the Double Fine adventure game: Broken Age.

While Double Fine’s latest adventure game is a bit more straightforward than previous endeavors, there are still some tricky parts to navigating the world of Vella and Shay. This is the first installment in a series of walkthroughs to help you get past any difficult parts in Broken Age. 

To start off, you can begin the adventure with either Vella or Shay. This walkthrough will begin with Vella, but I will be continuing the series with Shay’s segments as well. 


After you select the girl, Vella, you awaken her at the base of a tree. Her younger sister Rocky is calling for her. This part is just exposition, and details the upcoming Maiden’s Feast that Vella is supposed to be excited for. It is, after all, a “great honor.” Simply follow Rocky home to the Beastender house. 

Vella’s Home 

Vella’s family is made up of bakers, and they have excitedly prepared a cake and cupcakes for the upcoming Maiden’s Feast. Everyone in the home except for Grandpa Beastender is excited about this. The main object in this scene is to gather the story, as well as to locate Vella’s mothers missing ceremonial knife. This is a great room for learning more about the Maidens’ Feast, Mog Chothra, and the general feeling everyone has in the room towards the Beastender tradition. I would definitely suggest moving around more than I do in the walkthrough, as it can really illuminate other points in the plot. 

There are several actions that are a must before leaving.

First, go to the table on the bottom left corner. There is a purple towel on top. Click on that to take it with you, and it will go into your inventory. Also, take a cupcake, you’ll need it in a bit.

Next you’ll want to talk to Grandpa Beastender, the old man on the far right of the room. After talking to him, you can prompt him with the phrase “Hey Gramps. Want a cupcake?” He’ll begrudgingly agree. Take the cupcake out of your inventory (it runs along the bottom of the screen) and offer it to him. 

At this point, choose the option “Split it with you?” Grandpa Beastender will dig around in his pockets and take out the ceremonial knife Vella has been searching for. After her uses it to slice the cupcake in half, he will toss it to the side. Pick it up and add it to your inventory. 

Walk over to your mother. Click and drag the knife to her. This will conclude the scene.

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