Bungie Is Aware Of Your Destiny Connection Issues

Bungie knows of your issues and they are trying to help.

Bungie knows of your issues and they are trying to help.

Bungie is aware that college students across the country are have connectivity issues with Destiny. Some players still haven’t been able to start their games due to an error that goes by the name of Centipede. The tag #fixcentipede has started to trend as players await a solution.

The cause? Many college campus servers are set up with a configuration that does not support some features of the game, blocking the game through the servers. Bungie has already sent out an attempted solution, if you have administrative permission on your local network settings.

Unfortunately, this doesn’t solve the problem for college students with no admin access. If they are lucky, they might have an IT department that is willing and able to fix the problem, but most are still waiting to play the game. Bungie is telling players to be patient as they should soon have information to share with college network admins.

While this may help some, it is likely the college networks won’t be too worried about opening up their settings for Destiny. With max level players already walking around the lunar landscape, it’s no wonder players are upset. Hopefully, Bungie is also working on a game-side solution to work around the network permissions.

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