Burrito Bison Launcha Libre Guide to Critting Each Opponent for Speed

Did you know you can always critically hit your opponent launchadors in Launcha Libre? Here's how.

Did you know you can always critically hit your opponent launchadors in Launcha Libre? Here's how.
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Burrito Bison Launcha Libre is the first entry to the series to make its way to mobile, and with it comes a new way to punch your opposing launchadors by aiming yourself at them.

The original Burrito Bison and its sequel Revenge used meters to launch yourself, but Launcha Libre asks you to manually aim your launchador. With that manual aim comes great responsibility: hitting your opponents at the right time.

Did you know you can always critically hit when punching an opposing launchador in the face? Yes indeedy you can, as long as you know when to hit them and do it right. When a good friend said he didn’t realize that each opponent had a weak point, well…I just had to write a guide out to explain and show when to whomp your opponents.

Why do you always want to crit?

You always want to be launched at your best height and speed, right? Of course — so it’s important that you crit as much as possible.

Critically hitting your opposing launchadors always launches you at high speed and at a much higher height than you would if you just punched them in the face normally. Not only that, but you deal extra damage to your opponents when you crit them — and the sooner they fall, the faster you get that sweet peso bonus for knocking them out.

Don’t get discouraged on a run if you don’t critically hit. You don’t need to crit to have your launches do well, but it does make it a lot easier. If you don’t crit, still try your best to rake in those pesos and burst through the next barrier.

Launchador Weakpoints

As mentioned, each launchador has a weakpoint you can hit and always crit for massive damage and speed.

If you’ve opened a pinata and have the Tacorazzi partner up, it will force your opponent to stay in position for you to punch it just right. You can use this to to figure out when to hit opponent launchadors — or you could simply check out the images and descriptions below.

Each launchador has an animation you have to get used to so you can time your launches and punch them at just the right moment. Some of these aren’t so obvious (Harry Bow-tie) and some can be a pain (Villaina Ice) but once you get used to dealing critical hits, you won’t be able to stop.

Harry Bow-tie

Harry is the first opponent you face off against, and if you’re not paying attention you may miss his critical hit opportunity: when he yells into his bullhorn.

Just pull straight back and launch yourself at his face just as he’s about to yell into the bullhorn to whomp’em good.

Beaster Bunny

If you don’t know when to hit this guy he can be a serious pain. Luckily hitting him at the right time is a lot easier than it seems.

You want to punch Beaster Bunny right in the face at the moment shown in the image above. He’s showing off, so you need to show him who’s boss.

You need to aim as high as possible to hit him at this angle. Tilt yourself down and watch your fist fly right into his chocolate bunny face. You can’t crit him at all when he’s down on the ground or mid-bounce.


Bernerds is pretty gross, all things considered. A monstrosity built of Nerds candy? No thank you.

Punching Bernerds at the right time is as easy as you see in the image above. He doesn’t do much, just rotates between laughing at you and standing there.

Pull yourself back and launch into his face when he’s laughing at you to crit and fly high.

Villaina Ice

When you’re new, hitting this guy is a pain. When you’ve been playing a while, he’s just a nuisance.

This is the only opponent launchador that moves around so much, and you have to be on your toes to hit him at the right time and angle.

Aim yourself when you load and simply wait for the right angle and moment to punch Villaina Ice. It takes practice, but it’s well-worth it for the big speed and air you get from a good crit.

Jawbreaker V3.0

The last and by far most expensive opponent you have to invest in, Jawbreaker V3.0 is the hardest to crit — and because he’s electrified when he’s not vulnerable, he can also make for some terrible launches.

You want to hit Jawbreaker when he draws his protective shield back from his head. You can see this moment in the image below, thanks to the Tacorazzi’s hard work.

You must punch him directly in the face in the moment above, so tilt down and whomp’em.

This guy’s vulnerability frames feel like they last less time than the others, but that may just be because when you don’t hit him at just the right time your launch will actually be worse than with other launchador opponents because you get zapped.

It takes practice to get the timing right to crit Jawbreaker V.30 consistently, but it’s well-worth it when you take him down for some great dosh.

The game doesn’t tell you how important it is to crit your opponents, but the benefits are clear as day. Luckily enough critically hitting them is easy enough (sans Jawbreaker V3.0).

You don’t have to crit, you don’t need to stress about critting — but really, you want to do well. Practice hitting your opponents at just the right time so you can give those gummy bears a good what-for each and every time.

Want some tips to use those special gummy bears you love so much more effectively? Take a gander at my Launcha Libre special gummies guide and tips to fly high and fast, mi launchador amigo.

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