Burrito Bison Launcha Libre Special Gummies Guide with Tips

Pretty much everything you need to know about the special helpful gummy bears in Burrito Bison Launcha Libre.

Burrito Bison Launcha Libre brings some new special gummies to the series, much to the delight of fans of the two previous games (myself included).

As with the other Burrito Bison games, each special gummy has its own use -- and many require special inputs to make the most use of. For instance, Puncheus Pilot requires you to tap to punch when you hit the ground to get an extra height and speed boost, and Gumdalf requires you to tap to keep the key afloat to unlock chests.

Special gummies make the world go 'round, and they are the bread and butter of the game. You're not going to get far if you don't invest pesos into them, and you'll do even worse if you don't use them the way they are intended.

Every special gummy gives you a speed boost except Robbear, who simply gives you pesos. Whenever you're running low on speed, be sure to hold onto a rocket boost or two to hit a special gummy, and when you're going fast, just try your best to hit as many as you can.

Puncheus Pilot

This special gummy isn't satisfied with walking alongside the other gummies. Instead, it rides a unique (bear-like) punching machine.

Puncheus Pilot is always found bouncing on the ground. You tap to make the punching glove hit downward -- and you tap to punch right as you hit the ground while riding Puncheus to get more height and speed.

When you hit some other special gummies when riding Puncheus, such as Lt. Jel E. Boom, you will exit Puncheus and instead do what the other special gummy requires.

Lt. Jel E. Boom

This grizzled veteran gummy is very different from Puncheus Pilot. He's generally found flying at medium-height and is one of the harder special gummies to use well.

Lt. Jel E. Boom's effect is just like bouncing between barrels in Donkey Kong. Tap when the barrel you are in is pointed almost directly at the next one to be shot into the next barrel.

If you successfully reach the golden barrel, you'll get an even bigger boost of speed. Just to note: The longer you wait to shoot yourself to the next barrel, the lower you get in height. Faster is better for sure.


Wannabear = wannabe bear. Get it? Silly bear poser.

Anyway, this special gummy is one of the most common. This is probably because all it does is give you another rocket boost to use.

Wannabear generally shows up flying at low-to-medium height, but it has a very special use: to give you rocket boosts without having to ram yourself into the gummies on land. Wannabear is great for keeping your rocket boosts up when you're flying high, and that alone makes it well-worth investing into.


You may like this old wizard because of the money you get from successfully pulling off unlocking each chest, but the real bonus here lies in the speed you get after you unlock the last chest.

Gumdalf seems to be most common at medium-height and his minigame can be hard for inexperienced players. The best advice I can give is to not tap too quickly, and accept when you miss.

Even if you miss the first chest you get a small speed boost, which is better than nothing. You get a decent one (and some pesos) if you unlock each chest.

If you miss a chest, make sure you tap rapidly to get as much height as you can before the key disappears.

Prickly Pear

Is this the best special gummy? Nah, definitely not. That spot goes right to Hunny Potter -- but Prickly Pear is a pretty close second.

When you land on this gummy and his balloon, you knock him off and have to tap rapidly to bounce on the balloon to catch up with him. It's more stressful than the other special gummy effects, that's for sure.

If you catch up to Prickly Pear himself (you should, tap faster!), his cactus outfit will pop the balloon and send it flying, netting you even more speed. The balloon trajectory is random, so don't bother trying to steer it.

Dr. Wormageddon

Any other gummy sends you upwards, but Dr. Wormageddon takes you underground instead.

This guy is usually at around medium height and when you hit him you take a ride on his giant tunneling worm. Sounds pretty great, huh?

The diggers you eat when underground do count toward your rocket jump meter, so be sure to eat as many as you can. Tap to go lower and don't touch the screen to go a bit higher up. Make sure aim for the gem at the end for some extra money and speed.

Hunny Potter

Oh, Hunny. How I love you. Hunny Potter is the last special gummy you unlock, and is one of the best to get. It's generally found at medium to medium-high height. It's rarely seen from the ground and is well-worth ramming yourself into.

Unlike most of the other special gummies, all you have to do is hit Hunny to get stuck in a giant honey ball and roll up all the gummies you come across. No tapping required!

Hunny nets you some nice speed and money, and it's a nice relaxing change from pretty much every other gummy.

Teddy Flare

This is one special gummy that players who don't pay attention to their speed generally underestimate, but Teddy is very useful.

Teddy Flare is generally found low, near the ground, and shoots you up into the air (higher up the higher level it is) and grants you an increase in speed. That's it and that's all you need.

A very useful but underrated gummy that's a huge help when you start to slow down. If you tap while you're riding it, you'll hop off the rocket and it will whirl away and hopefully hit some nearby gummies.


This little dude isn't exactly exciting: hit him for some extra cash and move on. That's about it.

Robbears can be found on the ground and flying at medium height and do not grant any speed when hit. The extra pesos is a bonus but ultimately, this is the least useful of the special gummies since he gives no speed bonus on impact and -- let's be honest -- you get so much money from pinatas, Robbear can't compete.

Jelly Roger

Another very simple special gummy, Jelly Roger is a real savior, much like Teddy Flare.

Jelly Roger's bomb grants an extra speed boost and he can be found both in the air and on the ground. When you hit a Jolly Roger when using another special gummy you'll still get the speed boost you'd usually get when you hit him.

Another very useful but underrated special gummy.

That's about it for the special gummies found in Burrito Bison Launcha Libre. With each investment, these squishy little guys get more potent and helpful, with all but Robbear giving more speed and/or height with each upgrade.

You'll get increasingly familiar with each special gummy as you progress. Keep these tips in mind to make the use of your squishy friends and reach new distances. Eventually, you too will burst your way through the final cookie wall and punch the big bad right in his face.. about 8 times. Then it's time for the real grind.

If you liked this guide and still want to improve your Burrito Bison game, check out my guide to critting opponents all the time in Launcha Libre. You know you want to!


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