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CoD MW3: All Multiplayer Game Modes Listed & Explained

Wonder what match types are in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3? Here are all multiplayer game modes explained.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 is here. While there are some beloved modes across the franchise, I’m sure you’ve got your favorites. With that in mind, you may be wondering which made it to the full release. Here are all the CoD MW3 multiplayer game modes listed and explained.

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All Multiplayer Game Modes in MW3 Listed & Explained

CoD MW3 has 12 game modes overall. Whether you’re a fan of fast-paced run and gun like I am or prefer large-scale action, there’s something for everyone. Here are all of the multiplayer game modes in MW3.

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Team Deathmatch

Two teams of six players battle it out for 10 minutes, or until a team reaches 7500 points (75 Eliminations). Each player’s elimination earns a minimum of 100 XP towards the goal.


Two teams fight to control a Hardpoint. The Hardpoint location changes throughout the match. Earn points by capturing or defending the Hardpoint.


Two teams fight to capture and hold up to three flag objectives around the map. The objective locations will remain the same for the duration of the match. Earn points by capturing or defending flags.

Ground War

Two teams of 32 players engage in a large-scale conflict similar to Domination. Capture and hold the objectives around the map to create spawning locations for your team. Earn points by capturing or defending flags.

Kill Confirmed

Kill Confirmed is similar to Team Deathmatch, but you must confirm kills. Eliminate enemies and pick up their dog tags or the dog tags of enemies your teammates have killed. Pick them to prevent the enemy from scoring the point.

Free For All

Free for all is exactly as it sounds, so you’ll be fighting for yourself against other players. You’ll be pitted against your opponents in a lobby of 11 players total. Basically, it’s a team deathmatch without teams, so whoever has the most points at the end of the match wins.

Gun Game

Currently only available in Private matches, Gun Game is a fan-favorite. In this game mode players start off with the same gun and will be rewarded with a new and improved weapon after every kill. You win the game by getting a kill with the final weapon, which is typically a melee knife.


A large-scale 20v20 Team Deathmatch mode where each team gets an additional 20 AI soldiers. You’ll compete on a sprawling map to get the most kills.

Search and Destroy

Search and Destroy will feel familiar to CSGO players. It’s a 6v6 game where you’ll either be defending a bomb site or pushing to detonate it. You’ll only have one life per round, so you’ll want to play with that in mind.


A 6v6 mode where two teams will battle through a large-scale map by capturing objectives in a linear order. Communication reigns supreme here because you’ll be working through a variety of objectives to secure the victory.


Control is, as its name implies, all about controlling capture points. Respawns are limited to 30 overall for each team in the 6v6 mode, so you’ll want to plan ahead. Teams will take turns attacking and defending the objective.


A new 3v3v3 mode where three teams compete for the most kills and objective points in a timed match.

Well, that does it for all multiplayer game modes explained in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. We’ve got plenty more coverage for the new and exciting release like all trophies and achievements, the best MW3 guns ranked, and when Ranked play is coming at our MW3 guides hub here.

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