CoD MW3: How to Get the Overkill Perk

Here's how to get the Overkill perk in CoD Modern Warfare 3.

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Perks can greatly change up your gameplay in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. One of the best offers the most flexible gameplay because it allows you to equip two primary weapons at once. Here’s how to get the Overkill Perk Cod MW3.

How to Get the Overkill Perk in CoD MW3

Not only does the Overkill perk grant you the ability to equip two primary weapons, but it also improves reload speed. You’ll start each match with maximum ammo, too. The Overkill perk is hidden in plain sight in Modern Warfare 3.

  • You can equip Overkill by wearing the Gunner Vest. You’ll find all of your unlocked vests by navigating to your loadout menu and selecting a loadout to customize.

When Does the Gunner Vest Unlock in CoD MW3?

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The Gunner Vest will become available once you reach Level 20. You can view your level in the main lobby next to your gamertag/screen name and view your current experience progress in the upper right corner. There are four other vests you can unlock, but I personally prefer the versatility of the Gunner Vest.

It’s Overkill: How to Reach Level 20 Fast

If you’re still working your way toward Level 20, I recommend you play game modes that offer a decent amount of XP. Ground War, Search & Destroy, Kill Confirmed, and Domination are great for this. There are also three daily challenges you can complete for 2500 XP each.

You can view your daily challenges in the main lobby in the upper left corner. However, until the MW3 is fully launched, there’s a chance you’ll encounter an error in daily mission tracking accurately. 

That’s how to get the Overkill Perk in CoD MW3. I recommend you check out our MW3 guides hub to keep up with all things current and upcoming as we approach the official launch day. We’ve got some great guides like how to level up fast, best MW3 guns ranked, and more on the way.

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