Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3: How to Slide Cancel in MW3

Slide canceling has finally returned to Call of Duty.

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High mobility is one of the driving factors of a Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 match, and sliding is a key component of that combat formula. Slide canceling was introduced in the franchise in 2019, which gave players a greater sense of control over the maneuver. However, Infinity Ward made the decision to remove slide canceling from Modern Warfare 2, causing an uproar among players. In response, Modern Warfare 3 has brought slide canceling back, but it’s not quite the same. Here you’ll learn how to slide cancel in MW3.

How to Slide Cancel in MW3

MW3 is a fast-paced gunfight, so having speed and command over your movements is a necessary feature. It’s no secret that sliding is a must-have ability when avoiding gunfire or infiltrating new territory, and being able to cancel the ability makes it even more useful. So, here’s how to slide cancel in MW3.

To slide cancel in MW3, you’ll need to jump while sliding. The return of slide canceling is bound to stir up some fanfare, but it’s hard to ignore the noticeable differences in the ability. In Modern Warfare 3, slide canceling will not reset your Tactical Sprint. Regardless, you’ll want the skill in your repertoire.

How to Improve Slide Cancel in MW3

There are a few quick and simple ways to improve your slide cancel in Modern Warfare 3. For one, you can equip the Tactical Pads boots perk. The Pads will increase your slide distance, and allow for full ADS while sliding. Furthermore, they increase stance transition speeds and crouched movement speed, so they’re an overall useful perk. Additionally, I recommend that you change your button layout to Tactical, which is really advantageous to console players. Here’s how to change your button layout:

  • Open your Settings tab from the lobby menu
  • Open your Controller settings
  • Head to Inputs > Edit Button Layout
  • Select Tactical from the drop-down menu

Switching to the Tactical button layout will trade Melee with your Change Stance button. So, you can use R3 to crouch, slide, and dive. I find this a more effortless way to slide, since I’m always using R3 to navigate. You can alternatively customize your button layout in the controller settings. 

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Well, that does it for how to slide cancel in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. We’ve got plenty more coverage for the upcoming release, like How to Check MW3 Server Status, and more at our guides hub here.

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