Call of Duty: Warzone Best Landing Spots

Looking for the best landing zones in Call of Duty Warzone? We've dropped in plenty of times and are here to help you hit the ground running.

Looking for the best landing zones in Call of Duty Warzone? We've dropped in plenty of times and are here to help you hit the ground running.

Call of Duty: Warzone has arrived, and it’s quickly taken the gaming world by storm. Luckily for you, you’re in on the ground floor of Activision’s big experiment, which means you can become an expert while others jump in over the next several quarantined months ahead. That’s where we come in to help. Use our guide to locate the best landing spots in Call of Duty: Warzone.

Boasting over 6 million players on day one, the free-to-play battle royale surged to overtake the previous record held by Apex Legends, which impressively climbed to 2.5 million players on its first day.

But nothing captures the zeitgeist quite like Call of Duty, so it’s no wonder Warzone has been massive thus far. On top of that, it’s only projected to get bigger. 

Best Landing Spots in Call of Duty: Warzone


Call of Duty Warzone Landing Zone Quarry

Recommended for: players who want to catch their breath when they land.

Karst River Quarry, labeled simply “Quarry” on your map, should appeal first and foremost to players who like to avoid the mad dash at the start of a level.

Being in the northeastern corner of the map means it tends to be quieter unless the infantry plane’s flight pattern is especially welcoming. There’s not a lot of indoor areas to see, but with a ton of verticality, it offers some of the best snipers’ perches in Verdansk.


Call of Duty Warzone Landing Zone Hospital

Recommended for: coordinated teams looking to get to the chopper.

The hospital has several benefits, one of the best being the helicopter on the roof. It’s a highly sought after vehicle, of course, so don’t drop here without a coordinated team. You won’t be alone.

But with a strong interior layout that isn’t as labyrinthine and confusing as neighboring regions, hospital offers a rewarding vertical interior and an expansive ground floor with great loot. It’s sort of the best of both worlds for players who can’t decide whether to stay low or scale a skyscraper. 


Call of Duty Warzone Landing Zone Lumber

Recommended for: lone wolves dreaming of better teamwork.

The Gorengard Lumberyard is quickly becoming one of my favorite drops, and it slightly pains me whenever the initial flight path sets me too far off to make it a viable drop.

Provided you can get there easily, its mix of big and small buildings and a more natural aesthetic outside of them makes it suitable for tons of playstyles. Stealthy players have their options here, while loot hounds can quickly access the region’s abundant crates.

I like this drop so much that when I’m playing with randoms who don’t coordinate a team landing, I just come here on my own, and I still do well. 


Call of Duty Warzone Landing Zone Farmland

Recommended for: players who want all the loot of Downtown with half the traffic.

Naturally, the most rural of all settings on Verdansk, Farmland offers a rare mix of extensive loot drops with some lovely seclusion. Set off on the far southwest of the map  the only thing further is the lowly Prison, which we’ll get to shortly  Farmland offers plenty of interiors and a fun mix of open spaces and close-knit buildings.

When you aren’t alone, it’s one of the best cat-and-mouse sections on the map, and if you are alone, you get to enjoy the many crates to yourself. Just watch out for Downtown droppers who may head your way next if the gas pushes them east.

Promenade West/East

Call of Duty Warzone Landing Zone Promenade East/West

Recommended for: campers, sneaks, and saboteurs.

So far, I like to call the two Promenade regions the most overlooked and underrated areas of Warzone. Southwest of Hospital and the ever-busy Downtown, these urban regions don’t task you with scaling massive structures to clear buildings.

Instead, you get many smaller buildings, which makes listening for that sweet loot crate sound easier than heading up 20 flights of stairs. If your favorite part about Warzone is its refreshing focus on city aesthetics in a genre dominated by grassy hills, Promenade East and West both give you the city living experience without the high prices (see: your life).

Landing Spots to Avoid

Landing Zones to avoid in Call of Duty Warzone

Like all battle royale games, there are always places you may want to shy away from as well. Once again, it really depends on your playstyle, as I know people who like to hot-drop the most chaotic areas to quench their bloodlust. But I think most people prefer a smart drop where they can loot up and not die 15 seconds later.

If that describes you, there are a few places to dodge. Namely, these are Downtown, Stadium, and Storage Town.


We’ve already mentioned Downtown disparagingly in this guide and for good reason. If you’ve played PUBG, think of Downtown as Pochinki. It’s the hottest drop, where so many teams land, and only one ever seems to exit intact. They’re bad odds to play.


Stadium, meanwhile, looks really cool and gives the map some personality better than most other locations, but its vast and empty views in the surrounding area make it really tough to enter or exit. You’ll find you quickly become a sitting duck for folks who may already be there, or who may stick around when you leave.

There’s nothing worse than being shot at with no cover to hide behind, and Stadium offers a bit too much of that.

Storage Town

Lastly, Storage Town. This was my very first drop, and I haven’t been back since. Though it’s fair to say it’s loaded with loot, its grid-like layout makes it almost like a nerve-racking hedge maze made of metal shipping containers.

The rows and columns are neatly organized, but there are just so many opportunities for other teams to camp a corner and wait for you to come down the wrong passageway. It’s hectic and fun, but not as a go-to landing spot if you want to survive.

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