Call of Duty: Warzone Rumble Tips and Tricks

Warzone's Rumble is a large Team Deathmatch mode that takes place in sections of the Warzone map. Here are the tips you need to survive.

Warzone's Rumble is a large Team Deathmatch mode that takes place in sections of the Warzone map. Here are the tips you need to survive.

As part of Call of Duty: Warzone’s most recent update (corresponding with Season 4 of Modern Warfare), players were introduced to a host of new features. One of which is the new Warzone Rumble game mode, which is described as “large-scale Team Deathmatch in areas around Verdansk.” This mode is free to all users, so long as you have Warzone downloaded.

As you might expect, it plays differently than regular Team Deathmatch. For one thing, the maps themselves are pulled from sections of the larger Warzone stage  many of which don’t necessarily lend themselves to head-to-head Deathmatch play (though there is a map built from the ground up with this game mode in mind).

Each match you play features a circular battle area, with a rotating set of predetermined stages to enjoy. Instead of the regular spawnpoint you’d see in traditional multiplayer, all players spawn in the air and must land using a parachute. This creates an interesting new spin on things that requires you to use a different strategy than you might be used to. 

Since Rumble plays so differently from regular Deathmatch, you might be struggling to score a victory. Still, luckily, we’ve got plenty of Call of Duty: Warzone Rumble tips and tricks that will hopefully help improve your performance. 

Call of Duty: Warzone Rumble Tips and Tricks

Get Used to Sniping

Sniping is a good alternative to close-quarters fighting, but is hard to do.

Most stage layouts in Rumble are near-tailormade for snipers. When you land, you can probably aim down your sniper scope and see at least one enemy in your sights, in almost any direction you look. 

If you decide to go this route, it’s recommended to come equipped with a thermal scope to spot enemies that are far away quickly. You’d be amazed at just how well you can do if you sit back, take your time, and pick enemies off from afar. 

If you’re more of a run and gunner, this might not be for you. But from our experience, a large portion of each team found success in sitting back with a sniper, rather than getting up close. 

Come to Rumble Equipped with the Right Loadout

Bring the right loadout to Rumble for close-quarters fighting.

Not all maps are designed with only snipers in mind, though. Some sections force you into close-quarters encounters, so it’s a good idea to come equipped with the right loadout. 

Since there are so many enemies in a given area at once, it’s not as necessary to come equipped with a suppressor. Likewise, if you’re coming into contact with enemies at long distances, a shotgun might not be the best choice.

The point is that although these maps take place in huge open areas, there’s room for experimentation with your weapons.

We had lots of luck with the FR 5.56 (FAMAS) since it features a deadly three-round burst, perfect for medium- to long-range shots. Additionally, the .357 Magnum with Snake Shot ammunition effectively turns a handgun into a shotgun, giving you a versatile loadout to come out on top.

Along with that, you should bring useful Field Upgrades to help you out. A Recon Drone won’t be as valuable as Stopping Power Rounds since enemies are a dime a dozen, and having higher damage output is way more useful.

It’s the same with Tactical Insertion since you can only spawn in the air. Try to gravitate towards Field Upgrades that directly impact your weapon, or possibly come equipped with a Trophy System to deflect throwables

Circle Around to the Enemy’s Spawn

Encircle the enemy spawn point in Rumble for quick kills.

It’s really easy to run right to the enemy ahead of you, but you’ll likely find more success if you circle around to the enemy’s spawn, alongside the edge of the map. It takes longer to do this, but your patience will pay off.

Since most players will focus on battling it out in the center of the map, you’ll find less traffic along the edge, and you’ll probably even come up behind certain foes. Take this opportunity to grab some easy kills, but be sure to stay in cover.

In Rumble, you spawn above and must land using a parachute, so your opponents will have the upper hand if you get too close to where they spawn. If you pick a good enough spot, you can pick off several enemies without the team even really knowing you’re there. 

Pay Attention to the Your Location on the Map

Use your map in Rumble to get your bearings.

Since the maps are massive circular areas, it can sometimes be hard to tell where you are in relation to the enemy’s spawn You do have access to a mini-map, but things can blur together when trying to use it. 

That’s why it’s recommended to press the pause button to view your location. Here, you’ll see the map in its entirety, which will help you decide where you are in relation to your team and your enemies. This is a quick tip that can potentially get you out of trouble quickly. 

Deploy Your Parachute Right Away

Parachuting early can help you survey the battlefield.

This is another quick tip, but it’s still a great habit to get into. As soon as you gain control of your character, mash the button to deploy your parachute. This will keep you in the air for longer and give you much more space to land closer to your enemy. Or you can use it as an opportunity to scout the other team, or even land near a safe spot to set up shop.

Either way, we recommend avoiding free-falling since you’ll cover less ground. You’ll end up closer to your spawn and farther away from the enemy if you don’t deploy your chute right away.

Equip the Right Perks

Picking the right perks is important in Rumble because some work better than others.

This is an expansion on one of the earlier tips in this guide, but it’s so important it deserves its own entry. Make sure you come equipped with useful perks. Things like Kill Chain and Pointman are useless since there are no killstreaks in Rumble.

We recommend using Cold-Blooded to make it harder for enemies with thermal scopes to spot you, Overkill to give you a second primary weapon, and Amped to swap weapons faster. 

There are obviously other perk combinations you can use. Just make sure you take note of them and pick ones that actually work since there are a handful of useless combinations. 

Don’t Forget About Vehicles

Don't forget Warzone has vehicles. Use them.

Rumble features vehicles, and they’re usually found by your spawn. If you do happen to free fall right to the ground, there’s probably a vehicle around for you to jump in. Just make sure you don’t drive it directly to a densely populated area, as you’ll be a sitting duck.

The Smoke/Thermal Scope Combo Does Wonders

Use smoke grenades and thermal scopes in tandem to get kills in Rumble.

Combing a smoke grenade and a thermal scope in Rumble almost feels like cheating. From one smoke grenade, we were able to pull off five kills against enemies who had no idea we were even there. This is especially useful when you pinpoint a highly-populated area, where enemies congregate. 

Some foes might catch on and equip their own thermal to combat you, but for the most part, this is an extremely effective strategy that almost guarantees kills if you’re moderately decent with a sniper. 

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