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Can You Gameshare the MW3 Beta on PS5? Answered

Is gamesharing available for the Modern Warfare 3 beta on PS5? Here's what we know.

The Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 open beta is officially here! PlayStation owners who pre-ordered the game get an exclusive first-hand experience with it before other PC and Xbox platforms. However, if you take advantage of PlayStation’s gameshare feature, granting another user access to your game library, you might be wondering if this applies to the beta as well. So, can you gameshare the MW3 beta on PS5? Here’s what we know. 

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Can You Gameshare the MW3 Beta on PS5? Answered

Gamesharing is a great feature on PS5, but unfortunately, you can’t gameshare the MW3 beta. So, even if you turn on the “Console Sharing” option on your PS5, your friend or family member won’t be able to access the game via your account. However, the good news is that we’ve passed the early access phase of the PS5 beta. From October 8 to October 10, all PlayStation users can download the beta from the PlayStation Store even if you didn’t pre-purchase MW3

Additionally, if you pre-ordered on PlayStation, PC, or Xbox, you’ll have early access to Weekend Two of the beta starting October 12. Again, you won’t be able to gameshare during this period either. But from October 14 to October 16, the beta will be open to all players on all platforms. 

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Can you Gameshare MW3 on PS5 at Launch?

Though it’s not possible to share the MW3 beta, this might change once the game officially launches in November. It is possible to gameshare MW2 on PS5, and the feature is typically easy to set up on your console. Early access betas are valued for their exclusivity, so that’s likely why gamesharing is temporarily unavailable.

That answers whether you can gameshare the MW3 beta on PS5. If you’re wondering how to redeem beta codes or check the game’s server status, take a gander at our MW3 guides hub for more. 

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