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Can You Play CoD MW3 Zombies Split Screen?

Wondering if you can play CoD MW3 Zombies with friends in split screen? Here's the answer.

Modern Warfare 3 Zombies can be a harrowing experience solo, but it’s more fun with the right group of friends. Defeating the undead requires both cunning and coordination, and you may not find that in online play. So, can you play CoD MW3 Zombies in split screen multiplayer?

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CoD MW3: Can You Play Zombies in Split Screen?

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While local split screen multiplayer is possible in Modern Warfare 3, letting you squad up or play against friends in the flesh, you can’t play MW3 Zombies in split screen. Considering how predicated the game mode is on teamwork, it’s a somewhat baffling decision — especially considering other MP modes allow it.

Previous Call of Duty installments, such as Black Ops: Cold War and Vanguard (until it broke), have allowed for local split screen multiplayer in Zombies, and I fondly remember playing the mode with friends that way in World at War on console. Pour one out.

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How to Play Modern Warfare 3 Zombies With Friends

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To play MW3 Zombies mode with your friends, you’ll need to do so via online multiplayer. Follow these steps before entering a Zombies match.

  • Enter the party menu.
  • Select Invite Friends under Add Friends.
  • Choose someone from your Friends List.
  • Once they join, enter Zombies mode and start matchmaking.
    • You can also invite other players while in the Zombies mode lobby by following the steps above.
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Up to 24 players across eight squads can play together in any given Zombies match. If there’s room in your game, you can invite other players. Here’s how to do so during a match:

  • Pause the game.
  • Choose Social.
  • Choose Invite Players.
  • Select a player from your Friends List.
  • Alternatively, you can see players you’ve recently played with and invite them.

Keep in mind that while 24 players can be in a game at the same time, you can only have three players in your squad at any given time. I recommend partying up with friends before entering matchmaking to ensure you squad up with your besties.

And that answers the question: can you play CoD MW3 Zombies in split screen? For more tips and tricks, such as how to fix errors like the FoV glitch or how to get the Overkill perk, click the links or head over to our Modern Warfare 3 guides page.

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