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Can You Play Planet Coaster on Steam Deck Answered

Is Planet Coaster Steam Deck Compatible? We've got an answer.

Planet Coaster is a cozy sandbox building and management game that would be perfectly enjoyable on a handheld device sitting on your couch. So, can you play Planet Coaster on Steam Deck?

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Is Planet Coaster Steam Deck Compatible?

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Yes, Planet Coaster is compatible with and playable on Steam Deck, similar to many of the other Frontier games. Planet Coaster is highly accessible on a variety of platforms, and it works great on Valve’s handheld device as well. The biggest reason is that the trackpads suit the mouse movement perfectly, and everything is smoothly preconfigured for handheld controls.

You can even rebind key combinations to the six unused SD buttons. I highly recommend doing this for moving and rotating objects 360 degrees or adding and deleting them. As long as you have the game on Steam, the Planet Coaster Steam Deck version will run perfectly.

In terms of performance, Steam Discussion users have reported that the game runs smoothly, with minimal to no slowdowns. The game even starts up smoothly. There have been some reports of sound issues with Steam Deck randomly muting your game, but you can fix that by unmuting it in the Steam Deck sound settings from the Desktop mode.

Lastly, another quality-of-life fix you might need is to increase text size. The Planet Coaster UI text on Steam Deck is infamously small, but there’s an official fix for this. I recommend increasing it manually by going into the Options menu and then Graphics, where you can change the display size for the text.

That’s it for my guide on the Planet Coaster Steam Deck version of the game. In short, everything runs smoothly with minor adjustments in the Options menu. Check out more of our Planet Coaster guides for additional info on the game.

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