Can You Play Ready or Not Solo? Singleplayer Detailed

Ready or Not can be played with up to five people, but can it be played solo? Let's find out.

SWAT team loading into Ready or Not
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RON is a game best played with a SWAT team of human players, but the folks over at VOID Interactive planned for those who want try tackling the game alone. Let’s go over whether you can play Ready or Not solo, and what single-player entails.

How Ready or Not Solo Play Works: Commander Mode and Team Management

Solo play in Ready or Not is actually really cool. Once you see how it works, you’ll understand why VOID Interactive is planning on adding AI team mates to multiplayer. Though, we’ve yet to see whether they’ll be managed in the same way they are in single-player.

Solo mode is called Commander Mode in Ready or Not, though you won’t see it called that until you click the “Singleplayer” option at the main menu. It’s more than just bringing AI team mates into missions with you. It’s managing the other officers in your SWAT team while out on the field, and mitigating their stress back at the station.

SWAT team management screen in Ready or Not.
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How Commander Mode Works in Ready or Not

You have a whole squad of officers to choose from in Ready or Not‘s Commander Mode, each with their own Special Qualification and gear loadout. Special Qualifications are passive abilities, such as an increased likelihood that suspects will surrender or decreasing the team’s overall stress gain. The stress levels of your officers will increase based off what happens in your missions. Shooting civilians or taking heavy damage will increase their stress dramatically. Once they’re too stressed, they’ll have to take an extended break for therapy.

With this in mind, you need to play a bit more considerately in Commander Mode than you would with other players. You don’t want to have to bench your best officers for too long. The better your missions go, the better off they (and you) are. You unlock more officers to add to the team as you clear missions. To see your team in the station, hold the Tab key to bring up your tablet.

As for how your four AI team mates actually work in missions: you’re about to be pleasantly surprised. While their AI isn’t the best and enemy AI is far more ruthless, the team order system in Ready or Not is effective enough and can support you through the game’s 18 missions.

The AI command menu in Ready or Not
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Using the middle mouse button, you can give complex orders to either all or half of your SWAT team. You can order them to search an area, choose the methods they’ll breach doors, handle suspects and civilians, and bag and tag evidence. You can also order them directly to use certain tools. It’s honestly very cool, though it would be nice if they had some autonomy and would do more than stand there and wait for orders otherwise.

So yes, it’s very possible to play Ready or Not solo. It’s not just possible, there’s a whole mode built into it. The game is incredibly difficult, though. You may want to install some mods pertaining to toning down the enemy AI, like No crack for AI, whether you’re playing alone or with others. Check out more of our RON guides here on GameSkinny.

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