Can Zygarde be Shiny in Pokemon GO? Answered

Can you catch a Shiny Zygarde?

With the debut of Zygarde in Pokemon GO, you may be wondering if its shiny version was released as well. After all, a lot of Pokemon are released without shiny versions initially. Zygarde is a popular legendary Pokemon, featuring different forms instead of evolving. Considering its unique mechanic, it’s valid to wonder whether there’s a shiny Zygarde out there somewhere..

Can You Catch Shiny Zygarde in Pokemon GO? Answered

Following the pattern of other Pokemon debuts in Pokemon GO, Zygarde’s shiny version was not released at the same time. Currently, there’s only one way to even catch Zygarde in the game, through the encounter reward for completing stage 3 in From A to Zygarde. The shiny version will most likely be released during another event in the future or Zygarde appearing as a Raid Pokemon.

Zygarde’s shiny version is often referred to as one of the best White Shinies in the Poke-verse. Normally green and black, its coloring changes to teal and white. This change is apparent in all of its forms, from the small, smooshy core up to the 100% Complete Forme. While I personally love the green and black combo, the 10% Forme in white and teal is simply too cute.

Since Zygarde’s release is intertwined with the release of Routes, here’s hoping that new Zygarde content, including its shiny version, will be included in the game soon. Until then, you can check out our Pokemon GO guide library for other Pokemon that may be shiny in game or how to collect Zygarde Cells.

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