Here are the locations and solutions to all Crystal Hearts puzzles in Celeste.

Celeste Crystal Heart Locations and Solutions Guide

Here are the locations and solutions to all Crystal Hearts puzzles in Celeste.
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Although it is not necessary to gather Crystal Heart collectibles in Celeste, the challenge itself is so fun and exciting that you might want to try and get them all. It’s not a piece of cake by any means, but that’s why you can take this guide and make it a bit easier for yourself to find those Celeste blue hearts.

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There is one Crystal Heart on each level, and they’re all very well hidden. Also, there are puzzles that you need to solve in order to reveal the location of the Crystal Hearts. If you want to know the Celeste heart locations and the solutions to the puzzles, then keep on reading our guide below.

Crystal Heart 1: Pointless Machines

Celeste crystal heart location for chapter 1

In Chapter 1 you will arrive at a satellite with birds of different colors flying around. They are the key to solving this puzzle and give you the directions in which you need to dash.

The correct order of the dash combo is the following: Up, Left, Down-Right, Up-Right, Left, Up-Left.

When you’re done, the birds will merge and give birth to your first Crystal Heart.

Crystal Heart 2: Resurrections

Celeste blue heart location for chapter 2

The second heart is not hidden in the usual sense of the word, and there is no puzzle to solve, but you need to be able to recharge your dash ability.

At the start of Chapter 2, when standing near fire, you need to go up the wall and use zigzag motions to push against the wall and thus move further to the top.

Celeste blue heart for chapter 3

If you don’t lose the momentum, eventually you will arrive at the second Crystal Heart.

Crystal Heart 3: Scattered and Lost

Another Celeste blue heart location

In Chapter 3 you will arrive at the big button, which will activate the ordering of the towels — you won’t miss it. Then, you will notice that after you press it, the new way will appear to your right.

More details on where to find celeste crystal hearts

Dash through the water upwards into this secret section, and follow through the rooms. You will end up under the library floor next to another Crystal Heart.

Crystal Heart 4: Eye of the Storm

Celeste blue heart for chapter 4

In Chapter 4 you need to activate the elevator cube, which will bring you up to the area with drying clothes. Keep going right and you will find the secret passage under the water.

Celeste chapter 4 crystal heart

You will see a strawberry in the next room, but keep going further to the right by breaking the wall. In this next section, go up and you will see a heart on the very top.

Crystal Heart 5: Quiet and Falling

celeste chapter 5 crystal heart location

When you reach the locked door in Chapter 5, don’t open it right away. Instead, use red orbs and go through an alternative path, which will lead you to another locked door.

Finding celeste chapter 5 crystal heart location

At this point you should already have the key to be able to open the door. Enter it, and on the other end of this hidden section you will find the collectible.

Crystal Heart 6: Heavy and Frail

celeste chapter 6 crystal heart location

In Chapter 6, after you fall through the crack in the ground, you will eventually arrive at a waterfall. Use the feathers, which will let you go all the way up the waterfall, and then turn left, which may seem counter-intuitive at first. But at the end of the section, you will see a secret passage.

Celeste Chapter Six crystal heart

Walk through it and you will arrive at a room with four torches. Each torch has to be activated by a series of the following dash combos:

  • Torch 1: Up, Left, Down-Right, Up-Right, Left, Up-Left
  • Torch 2: Up, Right, Down-Left, Up-Left, Right, Up-Right
  • Torch 3: Down, Left, Up-Right, Down-Right, Left, Down-Left
  • Torch 4: Down, Right, Up-Left, Down-Left, Right, Down-Right

When you activate all four torches, a Crystal Heart will appear right in front of you.

Crystal Heart 7: Pink Sunrise

Celeste Chapter 7 crystal heart location

Chapter 7 is the trickiest one, as it will require you to gather 6 additional jewels to be able to unlock the Crystal Heart at the end of the level.

Jewel 1

The first jewel is the easiest one. You will find it in the beginning of the level right before the purple orb that will throw you up into the next section. Instead of going up, you should opt to go right, and there you will find your first jewel.

Crystal heart and jewel location for Celeste chapter 7

Jewel 2

In the following section, in order to find the second jewel, you must jump down into the hidden area.

Celeste jewel location

Jewel 3

The third one is also located in the hidden part of the next section. Pay close attention to the damaged wall to your right.

Still working to get that Celeste blue heart

Jewel 4

The fourth one is easy. You’ll find it at the back of the haunted laundry.

The fourth Celeste jewel location

Jewel 5

In the beginning of the next section, go to your left and pay attention to the hole in the ceiling. Go up there and take your fifth jewel.

Almost finished with how to find Celeste blue heart location

Jewel 6

The last one is super tricky. Take the red orb in the beginning of the next section, and go left through the wall. Use other red orbs on your way to move through a series of invisible walls, which will bring you to the final piece of puzzle.

A hard-earned crystal heart in Celeste

At the end of the level, go to your right through a narrow path, and take your hard-earned Crystal Heart.

Crystal Heart 8: Heart of the Mountain

The eighth Celeste crystal heart location

The final Crystal Heart in Celeste is automatically obtained after you finish Chapter 8.

Hopefully, you managed to get all those Crystal Hearts, but be sure to come back soon for more Celeste guides here at GameSkinny!

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