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Changli in Wuthering Waves
Screenshot by GameSkinny

Changli Ascension Materials (& How to Get Them) in Wuthering Waves

Changli is an edgy Fusion DPS in Wuthering Waves, and if you want her to be at her best, you need to know how to get her Ascension materials.

Sure, Jinhsi is out, and she’s amazing, but if you’re looking for an edgier, even more provocative character in Wuthering Waves, you’ll want Changli. A fiery sword user who appears to be a more straightforward DPS, if you’re pulling for Changli, you’ll need to know where to find all her Ascension Materials.

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All Changli Materials for Ascension in Wuthering Waves

If Changli follows the pattern set down by other gacha games, and even Jinhsi, she’s liable to be the new best-in-slot pure DPS character, supplanting Jiyan not even three months after his release. If you want to be ready to add her to your team, you’ll need her Ascension materials, some of which can only be found on Mt. Firmament, while others are available from slightly more accessible sources.

Pavo Plums

A Pavo Plum plant in Wuthering Waves
Screenshot by GameSkinny

Pavo Plums are one of two new materials needed to ascend Changli and can only be found in the Mt. Firmament area introduced with the 1.1 update. You need to progress the Wuthering Waves story until you reach chapter one, act seven, Thaw of Eons, which will see Changli herself guide you to the new area.

As for actually finding Pavo Plums, you can only collect them in three areas near the starting point on Mt. Firmament. They are:

  • Just east of the dock where you enter the zone.
  • On top of and on both levels below the large cliff arch leading away from the dock. If you follow the road from the starting point, you can’t miss the overhang, as the road to Hongzhen goes directly underneath it. You’ll find Pavo Plums on the snowy top of the overhang, as well as the middle level and the area at the bottom near the river.
  • On the east-facing beach north of the overhang. There are only three Pavo Plum plants on the beach that faces toward the east.

You’ll need a grand total of 60 Pavo Plums to ascend Changli to the maximum level. And while there are only 15 Pavo Plum plants available to collect from, each plant provides four fruits, so if you find and farm them all, you’ll have the 60 you need in one go.


Unlike Yinlin’s Ascension materials, if you want to collect the Ring items, you need to ascend Changli, you’ll need to farm Exile enemies. Lots of them. Unlike Tacet Discord enemies, you can’t simply summon Exiles at Tacet Field. They are humans, after all. Instead, you’ll need to use the Detect feature available in the Echo Hunting screen (find it as the fourth icon down in the Guidebook) to, well, guide you to the nearest collection of Exiles to farm.

You’ll need the following number of Ring materials to level Changli to the maximum:

  • 4 Crude Ring (green rarity).
  • 12 Basic Ring (blue rarity).
  • 12 Improved Ring (purple rarity).
  • 4 Tailored Ring (yellow rarity).

If you run out of the higher-rarity Cores, you can always go to the Synthesizer in Jinzhou and trade in three lower-rarity cores for a single higher-rarity one. Put another way, one yellow rarity material costs 12 green rarity material, and so on.

Rage Tacet Cores

If you have Mortefi as part of any of your teams, you likely already have at least a few Rage Tacet Cores in our inventory. You get these by defeating the Inferno Rider boss on the western portion of the map in the Port City of Guixu. The Inferno Rider is free to fight for its materials at any point, though you do fight it as part of the main story, so maybe save your farming until then.

You need a total of 46 Rage Tacet Cores to level Changli to the maximum, and depending on your SOL3 level, you get between two and four of the things per 60 Waveplates spent. That means you probably can’t get everything you need all at once without spending Crystal Solvent, Astrite, or real money.

Shell Credits

Everything costs money, even in Wuthering Waves, and in total, you’ll need 170,000 Shell Credits to fully ascend Changli, just like all other 5-star characters. You can use Simulation Challenges to get more Credits or play the game to rack up the currency you need.

All Changli Materials for Skill Ascension in Wuthering Waves

Character ascension is important, but improving their skills is even more important, as their damage gets a huge boost with each skill level. However, each Skill costs more and higher-rarity materials to upgrade, and you’ll even be farming a story boss to get Changli completely maxed out.


To level Skills, you’ll need:

  • 25 Crude Ring (green rarity).
  • 28 Basic Ring (blue rarity).
  • 40 Improved Ring (purple rarity).
  • 57Tailored Ring (yellow rarity).

Yes, you need a whopping 57 yellow rarity items to fully level Changli’s Skills. Those poor Exiles.

Metallic Drip

No, not the fashion kind, though that would be cool. The only place you can the Metallic Drip you need comes from a Forgery Challenge conveniently near the Inferno Rider, northeast of the Port City of Guixu. Depending on your current SOL3 Phase, you might only get a few of the items you need per 40 Waveplates spent, and you can’t even farm the yellow-rarity ones until you’re at least SOL3 Phase 5.

To get all of Changli’s Skills to the maximum, you’ll need the following:

  • 25 Inert Metallic Drip (green rarity).
  • 28 Reactive Metallic Drip (blue rarity).
  • 55 Polarized Metallic Drip (purple rarity).
  • 67 Heterized (yellow rarity).

Bigger numbers, more grinding. Good times!

Sentinel’s Dagger

Just like Yinlin, if you want access to Changli’s boss Skill Ascension materials, you need to complete the main story quest associated with her zone. In this case, you need to have fought and defeated the dragon Sentinel Jue at the end of the Thaw of Eons storyline, chapter one, act seven. At that point, you can fight Jue as often as you like for their Echo, but at least a dozen or so times — at 60 Waveplates a pop — for the 26 Sentinel’s Dagger items you need.

Shell Credits

Ascending character Skills is not a poor gamer’s…game, and that’s doubly true of 5-star characters. If you want to take Changli’s skills to their maximum of level 10, you’ll need to spend a whopping 2,030,000 Shell Credits. If that sounds like a lot, it is, but you can easily earn that much through regular play, material grinding, and Echo leveling. And no one expects you to get to level 90 Changli in one day. Right?

Anyway, those are all the ascension materials you need to get Changli up to par with the rest of your team. For more on Wuthering Waves, check out our guides hub.

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