Christopher Brookmyre’s Bedlam Walkthrough: Alive 1

Christopher Brookmyre's Bedlam Walkthrough for the Alive 1 chapter.

Christopher Brookmyre's Bedlam Walkthrough for the Alive 1 chapter.

Bedlam is an indie first-person shooter in the style of early and mid-90s titles like DOOM, Hexen, and Quake. In Bedlam, you step into the role of Heather Quinn, a scientist who works for Neurosphere, a medical technology corporation. To escape another dull day, Heather volunteers to test a new piece of tech, a brain-scanning gizmo. But once she’s plugged into the machine, she finds herself in Starfire, a video game she played in her younger years. Bedlam ensues!

Bedlam transports Heather into a variety of video game genres from yesteryear, and it’s up to you to see her through each mission. This strategy guide will assist you along the way, walking you through each chapter and providing tips to help you make it out alive!

Alive 1

Heather (aka Athena, aka you) is dumped into Starfire, a game she remembers playing in her youth. In the form of a Gralak on the planet Graxis, you begin by helping repel an invasion of Marines, then turn traitor in an effort to make contact with the outside world.

  1. Report to Sergeant Gortoss
  2. Stand Before Gortoss
  3. Leave Decontamination Chamber
  4. Kill Infantry Scum
  5. Destroy Comms Jammer
  6. Teleport to Sigma Sector

“You should probably try not to move too much, otherwise the laser might sever your spine, but that hardly ever happens, so don’t sweat it. Nah, seriously, lady, just close your eyes and chill. If you get freaked out or nauseous, bang on the door and I’ll let you out. Otherwise just relax and I’ll see you on the other side.”

1. Report to Sergeant Gortoss

  • You find yourself on an alien planet, at the end of a shallow canyon, with only one path to follow. Follow its twists and turns to get used to moving around and controlling Athena.
  • Along the way, you’ll receive snippets of radio communications relaying information about an invasion. Athena will also make occasional comments as she tries to get a grip on what’s happening.
  • Follow the path until you come to a large structure set into the canyon wall ahead of you. There’s a door here, with a green-lit lock icon above it. This mean the door is unlocked. Go through it.

  • Run through the corridor, crouching and jumping, until you reach the second locked door (red-lit lock icon).
  • Look left and go through the small window into the room with an eerie green liquid housed in large tubes.
  • Go to the other side of the room, and move the boxes away to get to another small window.
  • Go through the window, and then through another unlocked door.
  • Run down the long hallway to reach Sergeant Gortoss.

2. Stand Before Gortoss

  • Move to stand directly in front of Sergeant Gortoss.

  • Press the V key to render a salute.

3. Leave Decontamination Chamber

  • Exit the decon chamber once the door opens.
  • When you reach the closed door, look to the left to see a red-lit panel. Activate the panel to open the door.

“Rapier squad. This is lieutenant Kamnor. We have to secure Gamma Sector. Muster to me and take out any Gaian infantry who get in your way.”

4. Kill Infantry Scum

  • Dash through the open door and retrieve the pistol and health pack.
  • Kill the attacking Gaian infantry.
  • Move along the path until you came to a large building and another closed door.
  • Go through the door, down the short hallway, and into the room with the large crane hooks.
  • Kill the attacking Gaian infantry.
  • From the hallway where you entered, there are 3 exits: a closed door across the room straight ahead, another hallway on the south side of the room, and stairs leading up on your right.

  • Go across the room to the closed door. It’ll open when you get close.
  • Kill the Gaian infantry in the room.
  • Watch your six here, as you may also be attacked by infantry coming from the hallway where you first entered.
  • Pick up the health pack and ammo in the room, if needed.
  • Go through the small window near the ammo. Pick it up, turn left, and move down the hallway.
  • Kill the Gaian infantry in the room beyond the hallway.
  • Move into the room, which has 2 large generators.
  • Take the stairs leading up on the west wall.
  • Kill the Gaian infantry in the room at the top of the stairs.
  • There’s a health pack in the short hall before entering the room, and ammo in the room between the 2 structures.
  • Exit the room through the hall leading north.
  • There’s another health pack in the next room, along with more Gaian infantry.
  • Exit this room through the door in the north wall, and follow the passage to return to the crane room.
  • Go back to the generator room (health pack), and through the hallway heading east.

“Recruit. The Gaians are interfering with our transmissions. Reports coming in say there is an alien device attached to our comms tower [static]”

5. Destroy Comms Jammer

  • Notice you have 2 waypoint markers on your HUD. The red one is your main mission marker, the yellow one with the ? is a mystery. Go to this waypoint first.
  • Move east along the path, killing any infantry who attack.
  • The path will split into 2 routes. Grab the ammo here if needed, then take the right-hand path.

  • Keep to the right path, killing infantry (watch your six), until you reach a dead end and a health pack.
  • Turn around and take the next path to the right, under the metal beams.
  • Carefully peak over the rise here. There is an auto-turret and more infantry down below. Take them out.
  • From the rise here, look out ahead and locate the tall metal structure with a crane hook. At its base, there is something shimmering. That’s the mystery waypoint. Go there.

  • Once you cross over, go straight ahead towards the ramp leading up and left. Be careful, there are gaps in the floor!
  • On the next level, there is a crossbow. Grab it.
  • Continue across this level until you see a floating, rotating icon in the corner.
  • Stepping directly to the icon opens a window off to the side. Use the crossbow zoom to read it.

  • Jump or run back down to the lower level, and exit through the portal where you entered.
  • From the portal, turn left and follow the path up and right.
  • This path section ends at a T-junction, and is guarded by infantry. Kill them, then go left.
  • Enter the building you come to either by the door, or through the window to the left of the door.
  • Move into the next room. Kill infantry.
  • In the next room, kill infantry, and grab the health pack if needed.
  • Go up the ramp that connects to the next building, killing infantry as you go.
  • Follow the path until you reach another ramp.
  • Face opposite the ramp, then go around the corner of the building to pick up the shotgun and health pack.
  • Return to the ramp and go up. Look for the armor buff on the right.
  • Peak around the next corner to attract the infantry here. Kill ‘em.
  • Take out the auto-turret next to the comms tower. The crossbow is good for this.
  • Go to the other side of the comms tower, and deactivate the jammer attached to it.

*If you are not at full health, retrace your route and pick up any health packs you left in place, then return to the teleporter.

6. Teleport to Sigma Sector

  • Jump the gap to the next building over, and use the teleporter to Teleport to Sigma Sector.

That’s all for Alive 1. To suggest more guides, leave a comment below!

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