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Cities Skylines 2 DLC: Complete Content Roadmap Detailed

Here's everything we know about the Cities: Skylines 2 DLC roadmap.

With the release of any game comes the question of whether there will be DLC for it. That’s especially true for the sequel to Cities: Skylines 1, a game that had a bevy of post-launch content and support. So, here’s the complete content roadmap detailed for Cities Skylines 2 DLC.

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The Complete Cities Skylines 2 DLC Roadmap

While vanilla Cities Skylines 2 can function as is (despite its current performance issues), DLC can bring far more features and quality-of-life updates to the game, which arguably launched with far less content than some fans expected. While we’ll be updating this article for years to come as developer Colossal Order will assuredly support the game with plenty of updates and expansions, here’s what we know so far.

First, Colossal Order has made several Steam forum posts providing post-launch updates for the game. The most recent post addressed DLC and stated that the team’s first priority is updating the base game to bring it to a state they’re happy with. Since they’re a small development team, the post mentions that working on too much while updating the base game will stretch the team too thin. However, we did get a mention of a potential DLC here to address the roaming dog packs. I, for one, would love an animal-themed expansion.

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The Five Upcoming CS2 DLCs We Know About

However, with the Ultimate Edition of Cities: Skylines 2 on Steam, we know the content roadmap for at least the start of 2024. Aside from the San Francisco Set that comes with the Ultimate Edition (it’s unclear if this will launch separately later), the rest of the DLC will be sold separately for those of us who only have the Standard Edition. Here’s what we can look forward to.

  • Beach Properties Asset Pack: Expected to hit sometime in Q4 2023, this DLC lets you add beachfront properties to your city.
  • Modern Architecture Content Creator Pack: Coming in Q2 2024, we’ll be able to revamp our city with modernized styles, including 30 new peaceable items.
  • Urban Promenades Content Creator Pack: Coming in Q2 2024, this pack brings you another set of more than 30 items. However, this time, you’ll be using them to add environmentally friendly walking spaces to your city. I’m always for more walkability.
  • Bridges and Ports Expansion: Coming in Q2 2024, we’ll get to go more in-depth with our bridge and port designs. This includes lighthouses, connecting to neighboring cities, and the addition of marine industries. Overall, we’ll get dozens of new assets to play with.

Three Upcoming Radio Packs

Aside from DLC packs, we’ll be getting some additional radio packs, as well. They include:

  • Deluxe Relax Station coming Q4 2023.
  • Soft Rock Radio coming Q2 2024.
  • Cold Wave Channel coming Q2 2024.

And that sums up what we know for the complete content roadmap Detailed for Cities Skylines 2 DLC. I’ll be excited to learn more about what exactly all of these packs will bring to the game, as well as how modders will eventually implement them in community projects. From here, check out our CS2 guide hub for more topics like 10 Tips for Beginners or how to export goods and services

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