Cities Skylines 2: How to Fix Broken Post Sorting Facility

Is your Post Sorting Facility no longer working in Cities: Skylines 2? Here's how to fix it!

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Not getting mail when you expect it can be a bummer, and your Cims feel the same way when packages aren’t delivered. And if you have a post office, you expect it to work properly. Here’s how to fix the broken Post Sorting Facility bug in Cities Skylines 2.

What’s the Post Sorting Facility Bug?

Right now, the Post Sorting Facility has a bug where it simply stops working. This means that your citizens can’t get their mail, and by proxy, they’ll start getting upset. As a result, your city’s happiness will begin to decrease.

How to Fix a Broken Post Sorting Facility in Cities Skylines 2

While Colossal Order is aware of this bug, there’s not an official fix for it yet. Therefore, we have to use the only workaround we can.

Unfortunately, the only fix for the Post Sorting Facility bug is deleting all of your Cargo Harbors and Cargo Terminals. It’s weird — I know — but true. In every one of my cities without a Cargo Harbor and Cargo Terminal, my Post Sorting Facility works. In every one of my cities with those buildings, my Post Sorting Facility doesn’t work.

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I can’t give you an exact explanation as to why this fix works, but somehow, the existence of Cargo Harbors and Terminals causes a malfunction in the Post Sorting Facility. After your mail starts being properly delivered again, you can rebuild the Cargo Terminals and Harbors. However, if they start hoarding the local mail again, you might need to repeat the process and destroy them once more.

And that covers how to fix the broken Post Sorting Facility bug in Cities Skylines 2. From here, check out our CS2 guide hub for more topics like the complete DLC content roadmap or how to fix the black screen bug.

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