Find out how to beat Epic Jungle Challenge in less than five minutes with the help of our guide to Clash of Clans.

Clash of Clans: How to Beat Epic Jungle Challenge

Find out how to beat Epic Jungle Challenge in less than five minutes with the help of our guide to Clash of Clans.

Epic Jungle Challenge is the newest event in Clash of Clans that provides players with a pre-assigned army of heroes and pets, as well as puts a time limit on the battle to only five minutes. This shouldn’t discourage you from taking on this challenge, as our guide will provide you with all the tips on how to beat Epic Jungle Challenge in Clash of Clans.

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There are also limitations on the number of spells, which you can’t change just like your army. The only two pre-assigned spells are the new Clone and Poison spells. That isn’t much, but you can still win the battle if you adhere to a specific strategy we provide down below.

How to Beat Epic Jungle Challenge in Clash of Clans

Step 1: Destroy Builder’s Hut

Once you start the challenge you need to focus on the east side of the scenery, specifically the southeast and northeast areas.

Start in the southeastern village to get rid of Balloon traps. These can be easily triggered by a couple of minions. You absolutely need to get those traps away at the very start of the battle.

Then, move to the northeast village with the Builder’s Hut and follow these steps:

  1. Deploy Baby Dragon right above the Builder’s Hut
  2. Wait for him to destroy the building
  3. Switch Baby Dragon to the southern cannon
  4. Let him destroy the northern cannon

When the Builder’s Hut and both cannons are down, you can move to the center of the scenery.

Step 2: Destroy Town Hall

The Town Hall building in the center of the scenery is protected by three types of towers:

  • Hidden Tesla
  • Scattershot
  • Inferno Tower

The best way to quickly get rid of all those buildings is to deploy the Archer Queen. Her damage would be enough to obliterate all three. But you also need to make sure she stays alive while moving closer to the Town Hall.

Follow these steps to quickly reach Town Hall:

  1. Deploy Archer Queen in the eastern part of the map
  2. Deploy two Healers beside her
  3. Destroy the Hidden Tesla tower
  4. Use the Clone Spell on the Healers to double up their quantity
  5. Apply Royal Cloak ability on Archer Queen
  6. Destroy Scattershot
  7. Destroy Inferno Tower

If your Archer Queen survived the defense systems of all three towers, then she can easily take out the Town Hall by herself. At this point its defenses will be low and the increased damage from Royal Cloak should finish the job.

Once the Town Hall is destroyed, you can move to the southern part of the map.

Step 3: Destroy Eagle Artillery

The southern edge is controlled and protected by the Eagle Artillery building that requires a more direct approach.

Here’s what you need to do to get rid of it

  1. Deploy Ice Golem
  2. Deploy Barbarian King
  3. Deploy several Wall Breakers
  4. Let them break the defenses and reach Eagle Artillery
  5. Deploy Grand Warden behind Ice Golem
  6. Deploy Royal Champion behind Barbarian King
  7. Let them distract and consume some of the damage

The most valuable ability in this instance would be Grand Warden’s Eternal Tome, which makes him immune to damage. There’s going to be a lot of it, so it’s helpful to have him take it on the part of your other troops.

When the Eagle Artillery is finally destroyed in the south, you can move to the final building – the Clan Castle.

Step 4: Destroy Clan Castle

After the fall of the Town Hall and the Eagle Artillery, the Clan Castle will be defenseless. You can now combine the powers of all your troops to get rid of this last building.

Follow these steps to destroy Clan Castle:

  1. Move your Archer Queen and Healers closer to the Clan Castle
  2. Use Poison Spell on the Clan Castle skeletons
  3. Move the rest of your troops to the Clan Castle
  4. Let the pets destroy the rest of the cannons

At this point, the Clan Castle should fall and your battle will be over.

Epic Jungle Challenge Rewards

If you managed to win the battle within the five minutes time limit, you will be rewarded with the following items:

  • 400 XP
  • 14x Gems
  • 2x Builder’s Potion

This strategy should help you quickly win the Epic Jungle Challenge in Clash of Clans. For more Clash of Clans tips and tricks articles, visit our dedicated hub page.

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