Clawbert Guide: Spell Words and Getting Started

What to spend and where to spend it on? Here's a look at Clawbert currency and some secret spell words!

He may look bright and cheery on the outside, but poor little crane guy Clawbert is lonely and looking for love and affection… so it’s up to you to help him collect a full set of brand new friends!

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Developed by Bow3 Games in partnership with HyperBeard (who is no newbie a making cute time-wasting collect-the-stuff games, e.g. KleptoCats) you can find Clawbert on both iOS and Android.

There’s only a limited list of collectibles available so far, but the game definitely promises more content coming in the future, so it’s best to get started on the right foot!

How do I start playing?

Clawbert Clawbert plays like any other crane game… you’ve got a certain number of eggs, coins, and the occasional precious gem bouncing around in the machine, and you use the joystick and the grab button to maneuver Clawbert into position above the item in question you want to dredge up.

Once you grab an egg, you’ll need to hatch it, and each one will take a certain amount of time to hatch (this works even when you don’t have the game up) and it will sit occupying one of your egg slots until the timer runs out.

While it occupies this prime position, Clawbert can continue picking up other eggs, but with nowhere to put them, he’ll just drop them right back down.

Tip: Fortunately, you don’t need to pay anything in order to keep dropping the crane, so sometimes if there’s enough wiggle room, the eggs will bounce and rearrange themselves, clearing the way for Clawbert to grab some extra coins or precious gems while you’re waiting.

What are the two currency types?


These are pretty standard ordinary-level rewards. You get them for pretty much anything, and the game will often offer you the chance to watch a short ad to net between 5-20  more coins whenever you manage to pick one up out of the machine.

Using these will allow you to speed up the timer in the egg hatching slots, clearing them out for more eggs.

Precious Gems

Clawbert These babies are rare, but not as rare as you’d think. Sometimes the odd one or two will be floating around with all the other stuff in your Clawbert machine, but they’re more commonly found as rewards for completing the daily checklist or if you can find the right secret spell word (more about those further down).

These are handy to have and doubly worth saving because they’re the only things that allow you to purchase more egg slots.

You start the game with one available egg slot but you can purchase the second one with 20 precious gems and the third one with 100 precious gems.

(You can also buy them from the store… but who loves fueling the micro-transaction economy when we can get the same stuff just by playing?)

When should I spend them?

Clawbert Right from the get-go, the game encourages you to use up your newly-won currencies as quickly as possible to speed up your eggs (2+ hour wait within the first 5 minutes??). Well get used to it. These numbers will ramp up exponentially and if you thought blowing 20 coins at once was bad… well, soon you’ll be blowing between 700-1200 in one go, easy.


Coins come easily (picking up coins, watching ads, meeting daily checklist requirements, or hatching eggs which have a duplicate item that you’ve already collected) but still not as fast as it’s possible to spend them. So if you want to stay practical, make sure you keep an eye on the timer at the top of the screen that swaps out the eggs in the machine and the timer at the bottom of the daily checklist to determine how long you’ve got to complete the checklist and grab the biggest rewards.

If it looks like time’s going to run out before you can hatch all your eggs normally, spend your cash to rush the hatching! If not, you’re going to spend all that cash to rush them, then either spend more coins/precious gems to reset the machine or wait for it to reset on its own. Definitely not worth the pain.

(Tip: When you’re just starting the game for the first time, the machine will reset really quickly all on its own and the game will give you a free restart right away! If the timer runs all the way down and you’re doing hatching all your eggs, let it! Don’t worry about its flashing lights and indicators to reset it, you’ll just waste your free roll.)

Precious gems

Suffice to say that you hold onto these babies as long as you can! Everything else just requires a little bit more time… precious gems require luck and money. Use them only to buy a new egg slot.

Only once you’ve finished unlocking all three is it worth changing them to coins or using them to buy some really cute hats for your poor, naked Clawbert, but in all honesty, if the game comes out with new expansions, there are probably going to be other places for you to put those shiny stones to better use.

What are spell words?

These are secret codes that the devs have scattered around their social media outlets for you to hunt down for extra rewards in the game — generally either for more coins or more precious gems!

Here’s a few to get you started:

  • 1000FRIENDS (coins)
  • 1000000FRIENDS (10 gems)
  • FUNWEEK (10 gems!)
  • DOABARRELROLL (your screen does a barrel roll)
  • ALLLOVECLAWBERT (300 coins)
  • LOVEKLEPTOCAT (KleptoCats hat)

Update – Feb 23, 2018:

Everyone moves on, even adorable UFO claw machines. While the base game is still very much alive and playable, Hyperbeard just released a brand-new Clawbert game –– Clawbert: ToyTown, where players manage an entire fantastical world where you build amazingly cute toys. 

What this means for players of the original Clawbert is that many of the original Spell Words were pulled and no longer work. For a number of players, the game was prone to random resets — all of your original collectibles and rewards disappeared from the game. If you run into this particular issue, try contacting the developer to see if they’re able to give you back what you lost. 

There are still a few Spell Words that can be used in the game, and they are as follows:

Spell Words for In-Game Hats

  • LOVEKLEPTOCAT (Unlocks the KleptoCat Hat)
  • IWANABEAPIRATE (Unlocks the Pirate Hat)
  • PELUSA (Unlocks the Bunny Buns Hat)
    [Note: If the above doesn’t work, try inputting PELUSA2]

Reusable Spell Words

  • DOABARRELROLL (Your entire screen does a barrel roll — use this as many times as you want! Doesn’t give you any rewards.)

Discontinued Spell Words

(Note: Many of these were seasonal and/or had certain conditions for the Spell Words to work; e.g., CASUALFRIDAY would only work on Fridays, so it is possible that some of them may work during their upcoming appropriate season, but they don’t currently.)

  • 50000FRIENDS
  • FUN
  • 1000000FRIENDS
  • 10000FRIENDS
  • 1000000FRIENDS
  • BOTH

Be sure to stick with GameSkinny for any new Spell Words in Clawbert, as we’ll continue to update this as they become available.

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