Kleptocats stolen items description guide (Part 1)

Your kleptomaniac kitties are on the hunt, but they're doing it for your benefit. Take a look at all the things that can fit in your empty bedroom!

Taking up where Neko Atsume left off, mobile game dev HyperBeard and Apps-O-Rama joined forces to bring us KleptoCats, the masterminds that give us the answers to several of life's important questions: 

  1. What does it look like when you fit 100 small cats into one tiny bedroom?
  2. What would happen if cats decided they weren't the supreme overlords of the universe and were actually dependent on your love and affection?
  3. Exactly what is it possible for a cat to bring back to your home all on his lonesome?

In this game, you send your pet cat off into the wilderness to steal new objects to help fill up your very empty bedroom. With some time (and in-game currency), you can also acquire new and funky-colored cats - to hang out and play with your ill-gotten gains, or to send off on thieving missions of their own. 

How to Start Collecting

To collect every inventory item (162 in total), you will have to send your selected kitty out on a theft mission. The cat will leave, on average for 10-15 minutes, and bring you back its new conquest (as of the recent patch, instead of a duplicate item, it will bring back a sack of coins).

Once you've started stock-piling a bunch of different items, it's a good idea to max out your cat's heart (0-100% in the bottom right corner) by petting it or feeding it before you send them out in order to get a higher chance for a new item and not a duplicate. 

Here are all the things that your kleptomaniac kitty minions are able to fit into your bedroom.

How many references do you recognize? 

Inventory Description
"Lemon-shaped bag used to play a game called football."
"Cats like to eat fish, according to cartoons."
"Timid ghost that hides when you look at it."
"How many tickles does it take to make a squid laugh? Ten-tickles."
"A mythical animal that has magic powers or farts rainbows, I can't remember."
"People say you could actually save data in these things."
"Gifty is a special character from our game The Balloons."
"That's a lot of gold."
Just a shield, you never know when it could be useful.
"It isn't an actual pirate hat, it's part of a costume."
"This spider doesn't give you powers, so be careful."
"Wait, is this a real gnome?"
"Just a regular red bull, mostly ornamental."
"It resembles something else, but it is just a chicken."
"This happens when cats think you can't get your own food."
"A memento of the past."
"BrainCube is the main hero of another one of our games."
"Pizza is always good."
"This controller brings back a lot of memories."
"Delicious japanese food :9"
"Delicious mexican food :9"
"Even cats like chicken."
"What is this doing here? It belongs in a museum!"
"This is sushi from Japan."
"A paw full of dollars."
"Don't eat that, it's not good for you."
"I wonder what movie it watched..."
"An envelope? Can cats write letters?"
"It's broken, you can't solve it."
"You can't really drink from it, I tried."
"It's just a plushy, don't worry."
"Just a hair ball, nothing to see here."
"Did you find one or lose one?"
"A tangerine!"
"Legend says it was a ball made for baskets.'
"Who is this Babe Ruth fellow?"
"What is a crab doing here? We are not even that close to the sea..."
"Haha! Silly cat, this is a computer mouse."
"Kids, eat your vegetables."
"Well excuse me, Princess!"
"Be careful around that, it's really dangerous."
"I think this is a Kaban, an old Japanese coin."
"Famous item used to spelunk."
"Is this a toy or does this belong to a mad scientist?"
"I think this is for dogs, not cats."
"This key is too big for a door."
"Kitty, you are not fooling anybody, you are not a dog."
"Can't tell if it is a magic 8-ball or a regular one."
"The resemblance is uncanny!"
"Just one sock! Where is the other one?"
"OMG! It found a red one and a blue one."
"This looks like a dead bird, but it is actually a character from The Balloons."
"... And my axe!"
"It is a toy, but if you make it bigger it could be a real boat."
"...another cat?"
"Gotta collect 'em all!"
"Fus Ro MEOW!"
"It's just a soda can and it is empty." 
"One shoe... that's useless."
"I wonder if people still use things like this."
"I'm not touching that."
"Another snake! What is it with you and snakes?"
"Perfect, I just need 6 more."
"That's nice, it was getting really hot in here."
"A painting from the famous painter "Pablo Picatzo"."
"A luchador mask!"
"A transparent electric lamp containing a viscous liquid in which a brightly colored waxy substance is suspended, rising and falling in irregular and constantly changing shapes."
"Just a regular alien psychic invader."
"I really hope these belong to me."
"A glass of water."
"This knife is used to cut fancy meat."
"An implement with two or more prongs used for lifting food to the mouth or holding it when cutting."
"I don't think this lamp works."
"Do you also have the key to the chest?"
"Is this grandpa's iPod?"
"Good read about ninjas and cats."
"Every good wizard needs one of these."
"There's no way around that."
"From the author of "Obey your cat"."
"You can use this thing to catch stuff."
"Good for breakfast!" 


And guess what - this is only half! There are 80 more items that you can collect in the first room, and you can find the rest of them by checking out this article

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Published Jun. 20th 2016

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