CoD MW3: All Crash Site Weapon and Item Locations

The Crash Site mission in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 is small, meaning finding all the weapons and item locations there is pretty easy.

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If collectibles are your thing, most AAA games these days are more than happy to provide you with dozens of knick snacks to pick up and hoard. This guide will show where to find all the Crash Site weapons in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3.

Where to Find All Crash Site Weapons and Item Crates in Modern Warfare 3

Crash Site has the least weapons and items to collect in MW3 by a long shot. There are only ten to find, which makes sense given the level’s small size. I’ll be making a snake-like route to collect everything from the bottom right to the top left of the map, follow me on it or click one of the following links for a specific weapon:

Silenced Victus XMR Location in Crash Site

You’ll come across the Silenced Victus XMR shortly after starting Crash Site, to the left of the main road beneath a small overhang. It’s before the first major house guarded by enemies. The flashing lights also help give its position away.

Kastov 762 Location in Crash Site

From the Victus XMR, enter the house guarded by the five enemies. Clear any that need clearing, and head inside. You’re looking for the children’s bedroom in the eastern part of the house. You’ll find the custom Kastov 762 next to a dresser.

Heartbeat Sensor Location in Crash Site

Before you proceed, leave the house with the Kastov 762 and go to the south side of the building. There, alongside some ammo and armor plates, is the Heartbeat Sensor and a Self-Revive Kit.

Silenced Crossbow Location in Crash Site

Continue west from the small house, past a parked white moving truck, and you’ll see another shack with flashing lights. Beneath the roof and near a hay trough is the crate with the Silenced Crossbow and some extra ammo.

Incendiary RAAL MG Location in Crash Site

North of the Silenced Crossbow and directly west of the burning plane wreck is yet another shack. No flashing lights this time, but you should be able to see the weapon crate if you look directly across from the burning seats in the plane.

Incendiary Lockwood 680 Location in Crash Site

Directly north of the RAAL MG is another small house. With the MG location at your back, look at the house and head through the broken windows into another bedroom. The Incendiary Lockwood 680 and some ammo will be waiting inside.

Munitions Box Location in Crash Site

The Munitions Box is all the way on the other side of the map from the Lockwood 680. Head straight east, past the nose of the crashed plane, through the building until you come across another shack with flashing lights. The box is there.

Silenced SA-B 50 Location in Crash Site

If you continue to the eastern edge of the Crash Site map, you’ll find yourself on top of a ridge overlooking the level. There’s a zipline there you can take on top of the house that seemed empty as you made your way to the Munitions Box. Using the zipline will land you on the roof of the house where the Silenced SA-B 50 awaits.

Silenced M4 Location in Crash Site

Jump down off of the building with the SA-B 50 and head north through the barn. On the left side, you’ll see the Silenced M4 along with some ammo and a Sentry Gun killstreak.

Armor Box Location in Crash Site

The final weapons crate is in the northern portion of the map. From the barn with the Silenced M4, head north and turn left. You should see one final shack, not lit this time, with the weapons crate. Open it for the Armor Box and to put Crash Site behind you.

Those are all the locations for the weapons and items in the Crash Site mission in Modern Warfare 3. Not the most complicated or difficult to find, but the mission isn’t that hard either. You can probably complete it in a few minutes, even on veteran, with the right strategy. For more on MW3, check out our review of the campaign, our guide on how to use controller on PC, and more in our guides hub.

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