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CoD MW3: All Oligarch Weapon and Item Locations

The Oligarch mission in CoD: MW3 has its fair share of weapons and items to collect. Here's where to find them.

Hunting for collectibles is one of the best ways to extend the life of a single-player game and increase the enjoyment you get out of it. Here’s where to find all of the hidden weapons and items in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3‘s Oligarch mission.

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Where to Find All Weapon and Item Locations in Oligarch in Modern Warfare 3

Oligarch takes place in one of the larger and more complex spaces in MW3, meaning you’ll be hunting high and low for all the weapons and items found there. We’ll start at the bottom-left portion of the map, near where you start the missions, and work our way through the first zone in a clockwise path. I’ll divide the second part of the mission between the mansion itself and the grounds around it.

Heartbeat Sensor Oligarch Location

Shortly after starting the Oligarch mission, get to the beach and stick to the left side of the level. In a small cabana in the south is the Heartbeat Sensor, along with some night vision goggles and extra ammo.

Explosive Katt-AMR Location

Continue west from the Heartbeat Sensor, keeping to the left cliff face, until you see a green-lit cave behind some iron bars. Pick up the Ascender in the cave, turn on night vision, and follow the path until you reach a larger area with two moored boats. Turn right until you reach an ascension rope. Take it up, and you’ll see the Katt-AMR crate ahead of you with some armor, ammo, and grenades.

Silenced DM56 Location

After leaving the Katt-AMR cave, you can parachute down onto the roof of the building right in front of you to pick up the Silenced DM56 from the crate there. You can also climb up the eaves to the roof if you need to.

Cronen Squall Location

Jump down from the DM56 building roof and head to the courtyard beside the HVI’s suite (and take them out when you can). You’ll see the Cronen Squall crate at the base of the archer statue.

Silenced M16 Location

Rather than going for the reactor door switch near the Cronen Squall, head back toward the beach. You’re going for the middle house nearest the water. Inside, near the couch and some suitcases, is the weapons crate with the M16. The cozy sitting area across from the building surrounded by hedges also has one of two Plate Carrier Upgrades on the map.

MCW 6.8 Location

Now it’s time to go all the way to the beach east of the M16. Head down to the northernmost doc and check the first boat on your left. You should see the crate in the cockpit.

STB 556 Location

Return to the beach and make a short trip north in the sand. You should see the STB 556 weapons crate beneath an umbrella and next to a beach chair.

Explosive Crossbow Location

Swim north to the house on the water from either the dock or the beach, break the windows on the house’s south side, and grab the Explosive Crossbow from the chest. Note that we’re technically in the part of the map with the mansion, but this particular weapon is still technically on the way.

Incendiary Bryson 800 and Recon Drone Locations

I always like a twofer. Return to the beach and keep left up the stairs. When you see some blue-lit fountains and lounge chairs left of you, head over, then look out at the beach. The two crates with the Bryson 800 and Recon Drone will be sitting there with some ammo and weapons. If you want, you can jump down into the small path just north of the two weapons crates to pick up a Plate Carrier Upgrade and some other supplies.

Silenced Bryson 800 Location

Continue up the stairs near the fountain until you reach a bar, lounge, and dining area. In the corner across from the bar nearest the stairs, you’ll find the weapons crate with the Silenced Bryson 800, along with a Cluster Bomb killstreak, tons of grenades, ammo, and armor.

Anti-Armor Rounds Location

Keep heading west up the stairs from the bar area and turn left back toward the room with the button that opens the bunker. You’ll see the Anti-Armor Rounds chest against the rocks near the staircase, as well as some grenades and ammo.

RGL-80 Location

It’s finally time to go into the room with the open-the-bunker button. Open the door at the south end of the building to find the weapons crate with the RGL-80, some armor, and extra ammo.

Pulemyot 762 Location

After you open the bunker and clear the enemies that come out, head inside and turn right. The Pulemyot 762, some ammo, and an armor plate will be waiting for you.

Minigun Location

We’re finally headed to the mansion. However, to get the Minigun, stick to the western wall, clearing enemies as you head for the cliffs to the north. Take a right at the drive going out of the small plaza, and you should see the weapons crate near a supply drop that landed with a parachute.

(Golden) Custom Kastov 545 Location

We get a sneak peek at golden camo with this weapon, found by heading east from the Minigun into the well-appointed garage. The Kastov 545 crate itself is against a wall behind the street-facing line of cars.

Armor Box Location

Just outside the garage with the Kastov 545, nestled up against a black SUV in the rotunda, is the weapon crate with an Armor Box in it. I suggest grabbing the grenades, armor plates, and ammo, too.

Silenced M4 Location

We aren’t going into the mansion just yet. Instead, hang a right around its side until you reach the back patio areas. Deal with the C4 explosive traps on your way toward the water, and when you finally reach a locked gate, you should see the silenced M4 crate along with grenades, ammo, armor plates, and a claymore.

Snapshot Pulse Location

Head up the stairs toward the back of the mansion proper, then, when you’re facing the building itself before the final set of stairs, turn right and head down into a small covered sitting area. You’ll see the Snapshot Pulse crate against the far wall.

Silenced WSP-9 Location

Finally, we’re in the mansion. Head to the south side of the first floor to find the home gym. The WSP-9 weapons crate is against the mirrors (which oddly cast no reflection on the player. For shame.).

Akimbo (Golden) .50 GS Location

The final weapon in Oligarch is an old favorite: Gold Akimbo Deagles, called .50 GS in this iteration of MW3. You’ll find them across the mansion from the gym on the second floor, in the bedroom. Our titular rich Russian is a fan of fancy hand cannons, it seems.

And once you have the golden .50 GS pistols, you’ve collected every weapon and item in the Oligarch Mission in Modern Warfare 3. As with other open combat missions, you can only use the resources you find in future playthroughs of the mission, should you choose to do so. For more MW3 content, check our review of the campaign and guide on the Precious Cargo mission. There’s plenty extra to see in our guides hub to the game as well.

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