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CoD MW3: All Precious Cargo Weapon Locations

Collectibles make their triumphant return in MW3. Here's where to find all hidden weapons in the Precious Cargo mission.

One of the main things that add replay value to a single-player campaign is finding collectibles and using a more advanced kit than the game normally gives you. So here’s where to find all hidden weapons in the first mission, Precious Cargo, in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3.

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All 21 Hidden Weapon Locations in Precious Cargo in MW3

When you first load into Precious Cargo in MW3, all you’ll have is a Gutter Knife. You can change that quickly by gathering some of the weapons and resources from nearby shipping containers and the caches within and around them. You’re looking for bright-orange weapon crates, both large and small, scattered about the map. Some are in rooms, some on rooftops, and others hidden in cargo containers marked with a Shadow Company logo. They’ll also be slightly open.

You don’t need to use all 21 weapons, and indeed, you can only carry two at a time. However, picking them up adds to your loadout options at any resupply crate during the mission or when you replay it.

We’ll start searching for the 21 hidden weapons in Precious Cargo in the bottom-left portion of the map. Then we’ll make our way east, then north, then west, and onto the large ship in the dock.

Heartbeat Sensor Location in Precious Cargo

From the starting point, head straight into the main area, then keep right as you pass the forklift. You should see the Shadow Company-labeled container there. The Heartbeat Sensor is inside, along with extra grenades.

Silenced Expedite-12 Location in Precious Cargo

Leave the Heartbeat Sensor container, turn right, and at the end of the group of containers next to you, take another right. Keep heading south, and you should see an open container with the next weapon box. Inside is the Suppressed Expedite-12 shotgun, a Mosquito Drone killstreak, and an armor plate.

Pila Rocket Launcher Location in Precious Cargo

Exit the crate with the shotgun and climb to the top of the moving gantry. From there, look east down onto the rooftop of the small building. You should see the weapon box. Parachute down and grab the Pila Rocket Launcher, some Experimental Gas Tactical Grendates, a Self-Revive Kit, and an ammo refill.

556 Icarus LMG Location in Precious Cargo

Jump down from the rooftop and head into the building. If you come in through the door that faces the cargo containers with the shotgun and Heartbeat Sensor, you can turn immediately left and find the 557 Icarus LMG and extra armor plates against the wall.

Snapshot Pulse Sensor Location in Precious Cargo

Turn around after collecting the Icarus LMG, and you’ll see the second crate with the Snapshot Pulse Sensor and some extra armor plates.

Munitions Box Location in Precious Cargo

Exit the smaller building and continue east to reach the first objective location, a large office building with a garage on the first floor. Head into the garage, and in a workshop across from the main garage, you should see the box alongside another Self-Revive Kit and a Cruise Missile killstreak.

RPK LMG Location in Precious Cargo

Now, it’s time to head upstairs to the third floor of the objective building. Once at the top of the stairs, take a left at the bathrooms and enter the second door on your right. Inside will be the RPK, as well as additional grenades, ammo, and an armor plate.

Pulemyot 760 LMG Location in Precious Cargo

Directly across the hall from the RPK is the manager’s office with the shipping manifest objective. Grab it, then go into the adjoining room to the right to find the Pulemyot and a resupply crate.

Explosive Victus XMR Sniper Rifle Location in Precious Cargo

Exit the offices and head the final flight of stairs through the closed door and up the ladder to the roof. Turn left once you’re on the rooftop, and you’ll find the Explosive Victus XMR Sniper weapon crate alongside an ammo refill.

Silenced ISO Hemlock Location in Precious Cargo

Exit the objective building and head to the eastern edge of the map, then turn north when you reach the fuel silos. You’ll find the Hemlock in a small building north of the silos with medical iconography on it, along with some extra armor plates.

Signal 50 Sniper Rifle Location in Precious Cargo

From the Hemlock, keep heading north until you reach the ship, then turn left. Climb the yellow moving gantry nearest the ship. Then, jump onto the platform just below you to pick up the Signal 50 Sniper Rifle.

RGL-80 Location in Precious Cargo

As soon as you enter the bridge deck of the cargo ship, take the first door on your left, and you’ll see the weapon crate with the RGL-80, a loadout crate, armor plates, ammo, and a Sentry Gun killstreak.

KVD Enforcer Sniper Rifle Location in Precious Cargo

Make your way onto the ship and clear a path to the bridge. Pick up the GPS trackers to complete the objective, then head into the office to the left of the bright green radar station. You’ll find the KVD Enforcer, a Bomb Drone killstreak, and some armor plates.

Incendiary Bryson 800 Location in Precious Cargo

Exit the bridge and offices and head to the north edge of the ship. Head through the small door and turn right, and you’ll find the Incendiary Bryson 800, several Molotovs, and a UAV killstreak.

GS Magna Location in Precious Cargo

Head to the west end of the ship, then turn south as you reach another gantry. Go under it and climb over the bright orange container. From there, turn right and continue along the ground until you reach a dead end: the GS Magna pistol and an armor plate.

Bas-B Location in Precious Cargo

Now we’re heading back east. From the GS Magna, turn around and climb up onto the second level of cargo containers. A little way east of the pistol, on the upper levels, you’ll find the Bas-B assault rifle and an ammo refill.

Bomb Drone Location in Precious Cargo

Continue east from the Bas-B and hop down onto ground level. Before long, you should see a shipping container with the Shadow Company markings. Open it to reveal the Bomb Drone killstreak, frag grenades, ammo, and an armor plate.

Hybrid STB 556 Location in Precious Cargo

Continue heading east toward the two yellow gantries until you see a building you can enter between the two groups of containers. Head inside, either through the windows or the door, and make your way to the office. You’ll find the STB 556, a Self-Revive Kit, some armor plates, and a loadout crate.

Silenced Rival-9 Location in Precious Cargo

From the building with the STB, head southwest into the large pile of containers. Climb up the green ones marked DLS, then continue past the brown box, and you should find the Silenced Rival-9 near some extra ammo.

Recon Drone Location in Precious Cargo

Continue heading east from the Rival-9, drop down onto ground level, and immediately turn around. You’ll find an open container with another weapons crate with the Recon Drone, some grenades, and an armor plate.

Silenced WSP Swarm and MTZ-556 Locations in Precious Cargo

Continue west until you run into a large truck with its headlights blaring at a container, itself marked with the Shadow Company symbol. Inside, you’ll find both the Silenced WSP Swarm and MTZ-556, as well as some throwing knives and gas grenades.

Once you collect whichever is the last of these weapons caches, you can plant the GPS trackers on the missile containers. Note that placing the second tracker will immediately end the mission, but your progress does save. The only hurdle then is finding whichever caches you missed. All located items will be marked on your minimap for future playthroughs, should you choose to return.

That covers all hidden weapon locations in Precious Cargo. For more Modern Warfare 3 content, including guides on how to rebind keys, turn off voice chat, and more, check out our MW3 guides hub.

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