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CoD MW3: All Reactor Weapon and Item Locations

The Reactor mission in Modern Warfare 3 has tons of collectibles to find. Here's where you can get all of them.

Searching for collectibles is one of the oldest side activities in gaming, and remains one of the best ways to extend the life of single-player. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 continues that tradition. Here’s where to find all reactor weapon and item locations in CoD MW3.

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All Weapon and Item Locations in the Reactor Mission in CoD MW3

Reactor has by far the most hidden weapons and items out of all the missions in MW3 at 29. We’ll be covering every location starting from the top right of the map and working our way up and down the level until we’ve found every single item. Let’s get started.

Silenced Holger 556 Location

Starting from the northwesternmost corner of the map, head due south. The second building you come to in sector A2 contains the Holger 556, but you need to look through the grates and shoot the chair, keeping the door shut to open the way in.

Incendiary MCW Location

Head to sector B2, directly east of the silenced Holger, to find the Incendiary MCW. You need an Ascender to reach the rooftop where the weapon crate sits. Ascenders appear in various supply drops around the map. I found mine in the southeast portion of the map, but they can spawn elsewhere.

Incendiary Sakin MG3 Location

The next weapon, the Incendiary Sakin MG3 is in sector C5, in the large, empty concrete warehouse. You’ll find it on the second floor on the southeastern side, along with some extra armor plates.

KV Inhibitor Location

South of the Sakin MG3, in sector C6, is a large tower that you can ascend to pick up the KV Inhibitor.

Minigun Location

Just east of the tower with the KV Inhibitor, on the edge of the C6 and D6 boundary, is another large building. Parachute or otherwise make your way onto the roof and climb into the guard tower at its highest point. There will be a broken grate you can look down to shoot another chair to unlock the door to the Minigun. Head down into the building and look for the now-open door for the weapon.

Snapshot Pulse Location

From the minigun, continue east into the garage with the ambulance in sector D6. You’ll find the Snapshot Pulse next to a large collection of supplies on the northern edge of the garage.

RGL-80 Location

The RGL-80 is next to the western Konni helicopter in sector D5, neatest the chopper’s tail. You’ll find it near a large yellow cargo container.

Silenced COR-45 Location

North of the Konni helicopter, in sector D4, is a large round structure. Make your way inside and up to the highest level. On the south side, on top of some scaffolding, you’ll find the small weapons crate with the COR-45.

Sidewinder Location

The Sidewinder is north of the round structure, in sector E3, on the roof of the building east of the power stations. You’ll need your Ascender here, too, unless you take the zipline from the roof to the south.

Silenced Expedite-12 Location

Double back to the circular structure where you found the COR-45 and take the zipline there across to the weapons crate with the Silenced Expedite-12 in sector E4.

Heartbeat Sensor Location

You’ll find the Heartbeat Sensor inside the large silo, close to the Expedite-12 in sector E4. From the shotgun, turn south and then head into the silo itself. You’ll see the Sensor crate next to a SAM Turret near the railing.

Incendiary FJX Imperium Location

Near the Heartbeat Sensor is an Ascender rope you can take all the way up to the top of the crane. Travel east along the crane’s arm into sector F5, and you’ll eventually run into the FJX.

HCR 56 and Incendiary Haymaker Locations

Head south of the large silo and onto ground level in sector E5. Both the HCR-56 and Incendiary Haymaker will be on your left in the large concrete structure, guarded by a sentry gun. There will also be plentiful C4, grenades, ammo, and armor plates, as well as maybe a few enemies.

Munitions Box Location

Just south of the HCR and Haymaker weapons crates, make an immediate left and go up the staircases to the top level of the structure, then head to the east side of the building. You’ll be in sector F5 when you find the Munition’s Box.

Armor Box Location

Continue south from the silo until you see the water treatment facilities, then turn left (or east). The building in F6 contains the Armor Box, but both doors are jammed. There’s an open window on the east side of the building that lets you shoot the chair holding the south door, and then you can head in and collect your loot.

Silenced Vel 46 Location

You’ll find the Vel 46 on top of the building with the Armor Box in sector F6. I’ll be honest: this section of the map is chock full of items, most of them in sets of at least two, though you do have to do a little more for stuff coming up.

Incendiary MTZ Interceptor Location

Head north from the Vel46 and Armor Box building until the large silo is on your left. If you look to the right (east), you’ll see a flatbed truck with a weapons crate on it: that’s the Incendiary MTZ Interceptor Sniper.

Basilisk Location

Continue all the way to the northern edge of the map to the building in sector G3. You’ll need to get up on the roof and shoot out the chair blocking the door through the windows. You can also just break the window and drop through. You’ll see the Basilisk revolver there with some additional supplies.

A note: in my run for this guide, when I reached the Basilisk building, a heavy attack helicopter appeared and started chasing me around the map. It dies in a single RPG hit, but it’s annoying, regardless.

Hybrid STB 556 Location

East of the building with the Basilisk in it, in sector H3, is not only one of the Konni helicopter objectives but also two weapons crates. The one on the west side of the helicopter holds the Hybrid STB 556.

Pila Location

The Pila is easy to get to. Head east around the Konni helicopter. If you’re facing the crate, you should see a Ministry of Energy sign on the building to your south.

Anti-Armor Rounds Location

Head back to the Hybrid STB on the west side of the helicopter and go south along the side of the building. Don’t take the ascension rope on your left just yet. Instead, keep going straight until you enter a small garage in sector H4. You’ll find the Anti-Armor Rounds there.

Explosive Crossbow Location

Return to the ascension rope you passed on the way to the Anti-Armor Rounds and take it up. Make your up to the level of the dome, then turn right. You’ll find the Explosive Crossbow on the ledge

Signal 50 Location

On the south side of the main reactor building, past the Explosive Crossbow, is a large weapons crate near the roof’s edge in sector G6. The Signal 50 is inside.

Fennec 45 Location

On the south side of the main reactor building, at the southern edge of sector G6, is a small outbuilding with a black truck at its side. Head in and near the opening facing one of the objective helicopters is the weapons crate with the Fennec 45.

Cronen Squall and Holger 26 Locations

Both the Cronen Squall and Holger 26 are south of the Konni helicopter you can see from the Fennec 45 location, in the corner of the landing area — specifically sector G7.

Incendiary Bryson 800 Location

Head back north from the Konii helicopter and through the yellow-bounded doorway on ground level. Just beyond, you’ll run into the weapons crate with the Incendiary Bryson 800 in sector G6.

Silenced Lachmann Sub Location

From the Incendiary Bryson, head through the green door marked G5. The Silenced Lachmann Sub weapons crate is just beyond it. You can also take the underground pathway that leads from just east of the Konni helicopter, then turn left when you reach the passage with large pipes.

Those are all of the weapon and item locations in Reactor in CoD MW3. I know it’s a lot, but if you’re in it for completion, it doesn’t take quite as long as you’d think. If you want more MW3 content, check out our guides on the Precious Cargo and Oligarch missions, plus more in our Modern Warfare 3 guides hub.

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