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CoD MW3: Gilded Camo Challenge Not Unlocking Fix

Let's talk about the Gilded Camo challenge not unlocking in CoD MW3 and whether there's a fix for it.

Players have been reporting doing all the challenges for their chosen guns like the Gilded Camo one only for progress now to show up. Let’s talk about a Gilded Camo challenge not unlocking fix in CoD MW3.

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To score the gold versions of your favorite guns, you have to complete all the Base Camo challenges for your weapon of choice. Then, the Gilded Camo challenge unlocks the gold skin. To complete it, you need to get three operator kills with one magazine ten times like for the BAS-B or MTZ-762.

Gilded Camo Challenge Not Unlocking Fix in CoD MW3

The tricky part is that players have been doing the Gilded Camo challenge only for the tracker to showcase “0/10.” Confusion arose and I thought it was a glitch at first as the same thing happened to me on my MTZ 556. However, the Gilded Challenge seems to be working as I unlocked the gold skin eventually.

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The problem is that there’s no clear way to track the challenge which could use a fix in the future. Nevertheless, as you gather three kills with one magazine, the gold skin eventually unlocks. You’ll have to do this ten times with the same weapon though.

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Long story short, the challenge works, there’s just no way to see the progress displayed properly. I would say this is the least of our worries when it comes to MW3 as the game has much more serious bugs and problems. That said, Sledgehammer seems to be fixing them slowly as displayed on their Trello board.

Hopefully, one day MW3 will become the sequel that was promised like Cyberpunk with Phantom Liberty updates and fixes. Until then, we hope this guide on the Gilded Camo challenge not unlocking fix in CoD MW3 was helpful to you. Check out more of our tips and guides for CoD Modern Warfare 3 here like how to get Prestige.

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