CoD MW3: How to Fix Stuck on Infinite Loading Screen

Stuck on an infinite loading screen in MW3? You just might be able to fix that.

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With the campaign out and full release only six days away, Modern Warfare 3‘s servers are taking a beating. In this guide, we’ll go over how to fix MW3 stuck on infinite loading screen.

How to Fix an Infinite Loading Screen in MW3

Getting an infinite loading screen is never a good sign in any game, but it’s not always because of your hardware. In Modern Warfare‘s case, it’s most likely due to the game’s servers being overloaded as droves of players try to get in across all platforms.

There’s not a lot you can do when stuck on loading screen in MW3, since this is purely a server problem and not a user hardware or software issue. Really, there are only two things you can do outside of keeping an eye on the MW3 server status. Let’s get into it.

Relaunch Your Game to Fix Being Stuck on the Loading Screen

There aren’t exactly a lot of other options but to fully relaunch the game. Since the infinite loading screen is due to the game being unable to load server data due to overload, this is the only thing you can actually do outside of restarting your internet hardware. So have at it and see if you can get into the game, you just might be surprised.

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Reset Your Modem/Router

If relaunching the game hasn’t worked and you’re not playing at peak times, try restarting your modem and/or router and launching the game again. Be sure to unplug both (or the single unit, if not using a router) for at least 10 consecutive seconds. After plugging them back in and relaunching the game, you just might be able to get past the loading screen.

How to Check MW3 Server Status

If you’re repeatedly getting stuck on the loading screen in MW3, you might have to wait until later to play. Check the MW3 server status on the official Activision support site. You’ll also want to check Downdetector to get a gauge for whether other players are currently experiencing the same problems you are.

That’s it for how to fix MW3 stuck on infinite loading screen. We’ve got a ton of guides for Modern Warfare 3 here on GameSkinny, consider checking them out.

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