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CoD MW3: How to Get Bioluminescent Camo

Here's how to get the Bioluminescent camo in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. Prepare to grind MWZ!

Camouflage challenges have been a grind in several AAA FPS series since at least 2007. And now, with Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, there’s even a hidden one. To help you add it to your collection faster(er), here’s how to get the Bioluminescent camo in CoD: MW3.

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How to Get the Bioluminescent Camo in MWZ

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The Bioluminescent camo is unique to weapons from Modern Warfare 2 (2022), and it’s actually a Zombies mastery camo. But that doesn’t mean it’s any easier to get. Bioluminescent is the equivalent of the Interstellar and Borealis versions that go on MW3 guns, which means you need to complete every other camo challenge before you can unlock it.

Put another way, here are the exact steps to get the Modern Warfare 3 Bioluminescent camo:

  • Reach a weapon’s max level.
  • Complete the four base Mastery challenges for the weapon. These can vary depending on the weapon. You can find them in the bottom left of the Zombies Mastery section of the Camo selection menu.
  • Earn the Golden Ivory camo by getting 100 Zombie kills in a match and successfully extracting.
  • Earn the Spinel Husk camo by getting Golden Ivory on eight weapons in the same category, then get 300 Zombie kills with a Pack-a-Punched version of the weapon.
  • Earn the Arachnida Camo by completing all Spinel Husk challenges — in other words, doing the entire above process with every weapon that can equip it. Next, Get 10 Special or Elite zombie kills with the weapon equipped.
  • Earn the Bioluminescent camo by completing all Arachnida on every weapon that can equip it.

You’ll be killing tens of thousands of zombies to get the Bioluminescent camo, and that includes the Riot Shield for some ridiculous reason. You heard that right: 300 zombie kills with a Pack-a-Punched Riot Shield. I can think of nothing more draining, but you can’t get Bioluminescent without it.

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How to Farm Kills for Bioluminscent Camo in CoD: MW3

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As for actually earning the camos, if you want to do it as quickly as possible, you’ll want to make the process as (relatively) painless as possible. That means easy-to-kill zombies in huge numbers and low risk to yourself. To that end, here are the steps I recommend to get Bioluminescent in MW3:

  • Stay in the low-threat zone.
  • Frequent Aether Nests and Infected Strongholds, but don’t complete them. Both locations spawn infinite zombies in relatively large numbers.
  • Do Zombies-focused contracts like the Raid Weapon Stash. They aren’t timed and unless you actively work to complete them, the zombies will spawn forever.
  • Farm Extract zombie hordes. When you call in an exfil chopper, masses of zombies will spawn for the few minutes it takes the helicopter to get there, the 40 or so seconds the helicopter sticks around, and about a minute after it leaves. You can conceivably get more than 100 zombie kills in a single extract, provided no one else arrives to steal some of your thunder.
  • For Elite zombies, do as many Bounty contracts as you can find. All of them guarantee a Special or Elite zombie, though can also find them in larger numbers in the medium-threat zone.

Beyond those strategies, getting the Bioluminescent camo in Modern Warfare 3 is a matter of extreme patience and dedication. If you get your hands on it, my hat’s off to you. You have a much stronger stomach for grinding than I ever will. Or at least one I haven’t had since, like, Black Ops 2.

In any event, that’s how to get the Bioluminescent camo in MWZ. For more on MW3, check out guides on how to slow Hellhounds with Cryo Freeze Ammo, the best Zombies easter eggs, and more in our Modern Warfare 3 guides hub.

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