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CoD MW3: How to Get the Burger King Skin & Rewards

Learn how to get the Burger King skin in CoD MW3 and other free goodies.

Activision has partnered up with Burger King and Hungry Jack to bring you MW3 skins and other goodies on your fast-food orders. Depending on your country, order a meal above a certain price and get claimable codes. Here’s how to get the Burger King Skin & Rewards in CoD MW3.

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How to Get the Burger King Skin & Rewards in CoD MW3

Continuing with the promotional partnership trend with Little Caesars or Monster in the past, Activision is now collaborating with Burger King and Hungry Jack (In Australia). This promotion began on November 7 and will last until the end of the year and even beyond depending on your country.

Essentially, you’ll get a reward on your first and second eligible purchases. An eligible purchase most commonly includes placing an order online of $15 or higher while using the “CALLOFDUTY” promotional code. However, some countries require you to buy a special Call of Duty-themed meal menu item like the Bacon Feast Whooper. I recommend checking the specifics for your country before ordering. After you make your purchase, you’ll either receive a physical code if you’re purchasing in person or an e-mail one online. Again, this also depends on your specific country.

What Are the CoD MW3 Burger King Rewards?

Burger King MW3 Rewards include:

  • First eligible order: Promotional Emblem, Calling Card, and one hour of double XP gain.
  • Second eligible order: Burger Town King Operator Skin and one hour of double XP.
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The campaign will run in Burger King stores across the Netherlands, Dominican Republic, Australia, Spain, Austria, Puerto Rico, Peru, Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Honduras, Uruguay, Ecuador, Venezuela, Costa Rica, Aruba, Paraguay, Panama, Nicaragua, and Martinique. Something neat I discovered is that you can claim the reward code even if you’re outside of these countries. For example, a friend in an eligible country can purchase the meal for you and send you the code, and it’ll work on any account.

Either way, once you get your code, simply claim it in the “Enter In Your Code” menu and you’ll receive your rewards. We hope you’ve found this guide on how to get the Burger King skin in CoD MW3 useful. Check out our MW3 game hub for more guides on the game.

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