CoD MW3: Missing 67 Files Error Fix

Here's a potential Missing 67 Files error fix in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3.

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Among the many errors popping up in Modern Warfare 3, the missing files error is one of the trickier ones. Let’s talk about a potential Missing 67 Files Error fix in CoD MW3.

Missing 67 Files Error Fix in CoD MW3

As you may guess, receiving an error like this means that something is wrong with your local game files. Users have reported the number of missing files varying but the 67 error seems to be common. Let’s run through some potential fixes and talk about what we can do if all else fails.

Verify Game Files

First and foremost, I recommend verifying game files as with any Missing Files error. This will hopefully sort them out and fill in the missing gaps. Here’s how to do it on Steam:

  • Launch Steam and locate CoD MW3 in your library.
  • Right-click on it and go to Properties.
  • Then go to the Installed Files tab.
  • Select “Verify integrity of game files”.

The process is similar on the launcher as well:

  • Open and click on MW3.
  • Select the cogwheel to the right of the blue Play button.
  • Go to Scan and Repair.
  • Confirm with Begin Scan.

It’ll take some time for your files to be verified and potentially fixed. When it’s done relaunch the game and check whether the process is resolved.

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Reinstall Modern Warfare 3

Besides restarting the game and verifying, we can also try to re-download it in the hopes that the missing files will return. Simply uninstall the game on Steam by right-clicking on it and going to Manage then Uninstall. is similar where you just have to click on the cogwheel and do the same. Now you can redownload MW3 and check whether the issue has been fixed. If nothing changes let’s keep going through our troubleshooting steps.

Check the MW3 Game Fix Trello

By the time you read this article, it’s possible that Sledgehammer Games has already addressed the issue in an update. Feel free to check the MW3 Error Fix Trello for the Missing Files bug. I’ve also found that reporting issues by tagging @‌SHGames and @‌CODUpdates on Twitter works well as a sort of pseudo-customer-support ticket.

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Extreme Measures

If you’re on Steam and you can’t wait for fixes from Sledgehammer, some users on Steam forums have had success via the launcher. A couple of users reported refunding the game on Steam and purchasing it on where the Missing Files error doesn’t seem to appear. Refunding the game and trying it via the other launcher is definitely an extreme measure and should be attempted only at your discretion.

While I cannot vouch for whether this method works, I can say that Sledgehammer is refunding games even past the usual playtime. One user on Steam discussions reported having his MW3 copy refunded due to non-stop crashes despite having 12 hours in the game.

We hope this article on a potential Missing 67 error fix in CoD MW3 has been of at least some help. Unfortunately, there are plenty of error codes and bugs in the current state of the game. I hope that Sledgehammer can catch up with it all eventually. You can find more of our MW3 guides like how to fix crashing and more right here.

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