CoD MW3 Vault Edition: How to Fix the Battle Pass Not Working

Wondering why the CoD MW3 Vault Edition Battle Pass isn't working? Here's what you need to know.

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The Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 Vault Edition contains a bunch of goodies, including BlackCell perks like CP bonuses and tier skips. If you’re like me, you’ve logged in, and the game asks you to buy the pass. Here’s how to fix the CoD MW3 Battle Pass not working.

CoD MW3 Battle Pass Not Working: How to Fix the Modern Warfare 3 Vault Edition

For many, like me, the Battle Pass doesn’t currently work because it isn’t live. It isn’t technically missing. Indeed, any BlackCell rewards you have from the $99 version of Modern Warfare 3 won’t become available until Season 1 starts. The game is currently in MW2 Season 6.

Though we don’t have official word of when MW3 Season 1 will begin, rumors point to a December 6 start date. So, one “fix” is to wait until Season 1 starts. Bummer.

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However, if you also notice that you don’t have other Vault Edition rewards, such as the Nemesis Operator Pack and weapon vaults, then MW3 isn’t recognizing you have the Vault Edition.

Warning: CoD MW3 Asks You to Buy the Battle Pass

No, you don’t have to buy the Modern Warfare 3 S1 Battle Pass again. Here’s what you need to know if you’re wondering why the game asks you to buy BlackCell now.

Because we’re still in Modern Warfare 2 Season 6 (even though MW3 is out), you’ll see the Season 6 rewards when logging into the Sector Progress map in the Battle Pass section. If you already have the MW2 S6 Battle Pass, you’ll pick up where you left off. However(!), if you’re like me and don’t, it may be confusing because you’ll be locked out of everything.

  • Though you have the Vault Edition with Season 1 rewards, you’ll be asked to buy the MW2 Season 6 Battle Pass because you don’t have it. Again, they aren’t the same thing.
  • You’ll see all of the Season 6 rewards, many of which are locked behind buying BlackCell for an additional $29.99.

Only buy this if you want to get the current Season 6 rewards. Otherwise, wait until MW3 Season 1 begins to get the Vault Edition BlackCell rewards.

What’s in the CoD MW3 Vault Edition?

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Here’s what comes in the CoD MW3 Vault Edition:

  • Nemesis Operator Pack: These are skins for Makarov, Price, Ghost, and Warden. They should be available in the Operators section of multiplayer.
  • Weapon Vaults x2: These are “two FATE Weapon Vaults.”
  • BlackCell BP rewards: 1,100 CP and 50 tier skips.
  • Soap Operator Pack: A multiplayer Operator skin for Soap McTavish.

That’s how to fix the CoD MW3 Vault Edition Battle Pass not working. For more on the latest entry in Activision’s FPS, head over to our Modern Warfare 3 guides hub, where we have articles on the best loadouts, killstreaks, and more, including all of the multiplayer game modes detailed.

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