CoD MW3 Zombies: How to Complete Essence of Aether

Find out where to find all Essence containers in MWZ here.

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Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 Zombies is a bit confusing when it comes to missions. And in the sprawling map of Uzbekistan, things can get even more tricky. For the Essence of Aether mission, you’ll need to find some hidden containers. Here’s how to complete Essence of Aether in MWZ.

How to Complete Essence of Aether in MWZ

You never know what your drop zone will be in Uzbekistan, so finding much of anything at the get-go can be a challenge. When working towards completing missions, there’s even more at stake. The Essence of Aether mission will have you searching for three Essence sample containers across the map. So, I recommend you acquire a vehicle for the sake of time. Here’s what you need to do.

  • Locate the container in the shopping area of Zaravan City.
    • In the Tier 1 zone, it’s directly northwest of the Zaravan City map marker.
  • Locate the container in Hamza Bazaar.
    • In the Tier 1 zone, it’s directly south of Hadiqa Farms.
  • Locate the container in Rostova Shops.
    • In the Tier 2 zone, directly southeast of Levin Resort.
    • I recommend you Pack-A-Punch your weapon before heading into Tier 2.
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If you’re having trouble finding the Essence Containers, we’ve got a map with their exact location marked for you below. While you can complete this mission solo, I recommend you travel with a squad to ensure your survival. It’s tough to recover after being overcome by zombies in MWZ. I recommend you check out our guide on Field Upgrades to increase your odds.

That’s how to complete Essence of Aether in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Zombies. We’ve got plenty more for you to discover at our MW3 guides hub like the best loadouts and how to level up fast.

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