Code Vein: How to Parry

This Code Vein how to parry guide shows you each platform's parry inputs, as well as when to parry.

This Code Vein how to parry guide shows you each platform's parry inputs, as well as when to parry.

In Code Vein, you need to learn how to parry if you want to survive. If you time a parry just right, it will stagger your enemy, leaving them open for a devastating blow. You will also regain and increase Ichor in the process. 

Like any Souls-like ARPG, learning how to parry is an essential gameplay element. You can do without it, but Code Vein will be a much more challenging experience if you don’t master it. 

Below, we go over the inputs for the move, as well as when to use it.  

Code Vein Parry Guide

Although timing your parry and actually pulling it off can be difficult, the input is effortless. Here’s what you need to press on each platform: 

  • PlayStation 4: L2
  • Xbox One: Left Trigger
  • PC: “C”
How to Time Your Parry

To pull off a successful parry, press the parry button right when an enemy attack lands

Just as in Dark Souls or Nioh, timing is essential. If you parry before or after an attack would typically land, you will take damage from the attack. It’s that simple. 

Some parry animations have a wind-up animation, similar to that a strong attack or special move in other Souls-like games. That means you will have to start a parry while an enemy is in mid-attack or just starting an attack. 

Since timing is so important, it’s just as essential to practice parrying with different Blood Veils before taking on tougher challenges and enemies. 

Landing a perfect parry will initiate a Special Drain attack, which gives you more Ichor. The attack also melts enemy health. There are also specific parry animations for different Blood Veils (armor). 

Hopefully, this Code Vein how to parry guide has helped solidify the mechanics for you. The inputs are simple, but the timing is hard. With practice, though, you’ll be an expert in no time. 

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