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Complete Coral Island Pets Guide: How to Adopt and Everything Else

Adopting a pet is always a good idea, including in Coral Island. Here's how to do it.

Whether you’re petting a cat or giving dogs a good scratch behind the ears, getting a pet in a game is always an amazing feeling. In Coral Island, here’s how to adopt you’re very own pet, as well as all a complete list of animals you can expect to find!

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How to Adopt Pets in Coral Island

Pets are a feature in Coral Island the moment you start. You can visit your prospective pet at the Animal Shelter, see them playing in the fenced-in yard, and even watch a cat poop. However, you can’t actually adopt a pet until some requirements are met first.

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How to Unlock Adoption

To unlock the ability to adopt pets, you first need to raise your Town Rank to E, which takes a total of 401 points. Before then, you’ll be able to interact with the register, but all the beds and homes are listed as Out of Stock. At E Rank, a shipment must occur with all the sleeping arrangements a pet could hope for as you can finally buy some.

Pet Supply Inventory

  • Outdoor Pet House: 3,000 gold
  • Indoor Pet Bed: 500 gold

The next requirement is to buy a place for your pet to sleep. This can be a bed or a house and can be placed inside your home or outside. As soon as it’s placed, you can choose the pet you want to adopt. If you pick an indoor bed, it doesn’t have to match the species of pet you want to take home. I have a fox bed but adopted the lizard.

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Complete List of All Available Pets in Coral Island

There are a variety of pets you can adopt from the Animal Shelter. You get to pick from a total of 20 animals, including a bearded dragon and foxes. All these cuddly forever friends were designed by Kickstarter backers. What a great way to include the community!


  • Geddy
  • Bode
  • Spike Bonkers
  • Fizz
  • Cody
  • SpikerDoo


  • Kimba
  • KitKat
  • Malcolm
  • Frankie
  • Mr.Fluff
  • Gary Kun
  • Omar
  • Trinket
  • Bast


  • Luna
  • Inari


  • Copper
  • Hippeastrum


  • Lindi

When you finally decide who you want to take home, you’ll be able to change their name. Honestly, this may be the hardest decision to make in the whole game, but Lindi looks almost exactly like my Beardie, so that’s who I picked.

There will be a short cutscene the next morning when your pet is dropped off. You’ll also have a sub-tab added to the Relationships page titled Family. It lists your pet, how close you are to it, gifts you gave it, likes and dislikes. You can’t actually give it a gift, though.

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After playing for a few days, it’s apparent that you don’t need to feed your pet. Not only is there no pet food at the Animal Shelter for purchase, but there are no bowls or other accessories that seem to point to it. In addition, other games, such as Harvest Moon, didn’t require your pet to be fed, either.

Can You Adopt More Than One Pet?

While there is plenty of room on your plot for all of the pets and a bed for each of them, unfortunately, you can only adopt a single animal. Even if you place multiple beds ahead of time, once the first is chosen, you can’t pick another.

That’s all there is to know about adopting a pet in Coral Island. From unlocking the adoption feature to picking a pet and getting to know them, they make up an important part of your farm family. For more tips on getting to know others, how to unlock locations, or what the Goddess requests in her bundles, check out our growing guides page.

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