Let's get the power restored so that MORE animatronic dolls can try to kill us several nights in a row!

Completing Sister Location’s Breaker Room Puzzle

Let's get the power restored so that MORE animatronic dolls can try to kill us several nights in a row!

Congratulations, you survived under the Circus Baby Auditorium desk and made it across the Ballora Gallery death crawl, now its time to get the power back on to end the second night’s shift in Five Nights At Freddy’s: Sister Location.

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The breaker room puzzle finally takes us back into regular FNAF territory, tasking you with turning on electricity and gauging when its time to quickly exit before getting attacked by killer puppets.

To get started, just move the mouse down to the bottom of the screen to enter the actual breaker segment. Click and hold any of the room’s “Restart” buttons and watch the number rapidly rise towards 100% to restore power, but keep a careful eye on the “Danger LV” chart.

If it starts to go towards three bars and you hear a voice, immediately let go and exit the screen, then tap Space to have the mascot give a soothing response to Freddy.

 Restarting the breakers 

Before starting the next restart sequence, make sure Freddy is far away from you in the flickering lights and not up close.

It’s hard to see at first, but just wait for the flickers to illuminate the background to tell if he’s sitting down in the background or standing up and taking up most of the screen.

Be sure to check both the left and right side of the screen, as Freddy moves around the room. 

See the outline in the background? That means he’s far away.

Although you can technically do the rooms in any order, I’ve had way more luck surviving to the end by restarting them all in sequential order from top to bottom. Keep up the same pattern of holding a button until it hits 100%, then quickly exit and tap Space to scare off Freddy with the recording.

It will take some time as you wait for the danger level to drop in between each breaker, but eventually you’ll get them all. Now just walk back across the Ballora Gallery death crawl (fun, right?) and you’ve finished Sister Location’s Night 2!

 But don’t forget to come back to work tomorrow morning!

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