Sister Location's Ballora Gallery Death Crawl Guide

Ready to have your patience tested to the breaking point? It's a slow motion crawl through darkness to avoid having an animatronic skeleton shoved inside your skin!

As usual, the latest Five Nights At Freddy's dropped without warning on a day no one expected, so let's dive right into how to survive these diabolical new scenarios.

This time around you'll actually be moving around different areas instead of staying in one room. Following the Circus Baby Auditorium desk survival scenario, your next task to is to reset the power in the breaker room, which means a slow motion death crawl through Ballora Gallery.

It turns out the animatronic inhabitant isn't a very friendly ballerina... but I guess constant electric shocks to make her dance on command will do that to a girl.

I'm not going to sugar coat it: this scene is an exercise in player patience-testing, complete with no mid-area saves so you get to start all over again when you mess up. Hooray!

Good lord that door is so far away...

First up, don't use the run command here, it will draw attention and end up with a jump scare death scene much quicker. The idea is to move forward slowly until you hear the ballerina's music and then stop.

The problem is that the music is INCREDIBLY soft, and you'll have to turn the sound all the way to maximum, which is probably on purpose so you jump through the roof when getting attacked (hope you aren't wearing headphones if you want to keep your sense of hearing). With any luck, there's a volume patch coming soon.

If you move slow enough and stop when the music is at its height, you'll actually see the ballerina dance across the screen from right to left. Wait until she's gone and the music dies down to resume your slow motion crawl.

Sweet Jesus we're almost there...

As soon as you even get a hint of sound, stop immediately and keep crawling forward as slowly as you can. If you move when the sound occurs, then you'll be met with this fun death screen:

 Exposed Face Animatronic Death Scene #2

Keep at it slow and steady and you'll finally reach the breaker room. Don't feel like you can let down your guard there. Unfortunately, the next segment with the electricity rebooting screen doesn't have an autosave point – so if you screw up there, you have to go back and do this slow motion segment AGAIN. Prepare for some majorly repetitive frustration, FNAF fans.

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Published Oct. 7th 2016

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