How to Survive Under the Desk in FNAF: Sister Location

Can't figure out the opening segment of Five Nights At Freddy's: Sister Location? We show you how to work the new mechanics in this updated entry in the jump scare series.

After all the silly fun (OK, it's actually pretty hilarious – you win this time Mr. Cawthon) of FNAF: Sister Location's opening segment, the real gameplay begins as you hide from a killer animatronic doll underneath a desk.

The problem is there's no clear way to survive, as there's essentially nothing to interact with in your makeshift crawl space. Unlike the previous games, there's no buttons to press in this starting segment and no cameras to watch.

Changing up the formula a bit (which, frankly, was very much needed in the series at this point), the under desk segment showcases some new mechanics in the rapidly expanding FNAF series. The first thing you need to do is click and drag the protective metal sheet cover all the way to the right.

 Dragging the sheet cover

Notice how there's a bunch of holes all across the sheet? That's your cue for finding the killer doll hellbent on doing terrible things to you! Basically what you are doing here is playing whack-a-mole.

Rather than checking different security feeds, you need to constantly move your flashlight across all the holes to catch the eyeball as it appears randomly.

 Zap 'em in the eye with your light!

Keep your flashlight trained on his eye to make the killer doll move away from your hiding spot. Keep doing this as quickly as you can, until eventually you hear a sawing sound - that means he's dismantling your cover and about to pull the sheet back to the left.

Quickly swing your vision to the right, and as soon as the cursor turns to a hand, click and hold to fight the bear. Keep the hand held down to slow down the sheet moving and eventually he'll give up, letting you drag it to the right again.

Now play eyeball whack-a-mole until he decides to pull open the metal covering again. It's much harder this time though, as the bear gets more insistent. With the hand clicked down, slowly move to the left to keep hold of the covering. If you try to drag to the right, the hand will slip off and you'll get...

 Welcome to jump scare death #1

That's it - you've now survived the first segment and not had to repeat it a dozen times while trying to figure out just what the heck the game wants from you. Stay tuned for more coverage on all the game's puzzles!

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Published Oct. 7th 2016

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