Coral Island: All Lake Temple Offerings Listed

Fulfilling the offerings for the Goddess means frequent visits to the Lake Temple in Coral Island.

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Items that help you rebuild a town, revitalize magic, or save a dying Goddess are often part of farm simulation games, such as Stardew Valley and Story of Seasons. The same questline is present in Coral Island. Here, I’ll list all of the Lake Temple Offerings you need to make.

Goddess Offerings in Coral Island Explained

You’ll find the area to meet the Goddess at the Lake Temple on the eastern side of the map. You can get there by heading north of the Festival grounds or a bit southeast of where Anne and Paul record their animal show. Both routes require walking through the water on giant rocks to get to the stone temple.

The first time you’re there, you’ll be transported via a swirl of petals to talk with her. She asks you to help her heal the area, but her power is weak. Fulfilling her requests for items from the island and the ocean will revive her power.

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The four offering stones are on the first level of the Lake Temple before you come to the pond area. Each altar has six different bundles, with the leftmost one unlocked after speaking with the Goddess. You’ll also see the small stone shrines that act as fast travel spots activated when you complete your first offering. Initially, two locations are available to teleport to.

  • Farm.
  • Lake Temple.

If you’re like me, you may have already been offering up items and wonder what you’ll need to do next for each one. I’ve added links below so that you can jump to each section, using this as a companion guide for when you’re playing.

All Lake Temple Offering Bundles

Completing each individual bundle gives you a separate reward, with a larger one granted for finishing all of an altar’s bundles. Most of the bundles require five offerings to count as done, but some request other amounts. *Note: All rewards will be updated as they’re unlocked. This list is a work in progress.

Crop Altar Bundles: All Items, Resources, and Rewards

Completing all of the bundles listed below — Essential Resources, the Spring Sesajen Bundle, the Summer Sesajen Bundle, the Fall Sesajen Bundle, the Winter Sesajen Bundle, and the Ocean Loot Bundle — will give you various rewards and the Greenhouse.

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Essential Resources

  • Log x10
  • Stone x10
  • Fiber x10
  • Sap x10
  • Maple Seeds x5
  • Oak Seeds x5
  • Pine Cone x5
  • Reward: Completing the Essential Resources bundle unlocks the Recycling Machine, and you’ll receive one Recycling Machine for free.

Spring Sesajen Bundle

  • Wasabi x1
  • Morel x1
  • Turnip x1
  • Carrot x1
  • Daisy x1
  • Reward: Completing this part of the Crop Altar gives you Sugarcane Seeds x8.

Summer Sesajen Bundle

  • Shallot x1
  • Hibiscus x1
  • Blueberry x1
  • Hot Pepper x1
  • Bronze Star Sunflower x1
  • Reward: Unknown

Fall Sesajen Bundle

  • Black Trumpet x1
  • Fig x1
  • Orchid x1
  • Pumpkin x1
  • Bronze Star Rice x1
  • Reward: Unknown

Winter Sesajen Bundle

  • Brussel Sprouts x1
  • Kale x1
  • Rose Hip x1
  • Snowdrop x1
  • Bronze Star Tea Leaf x1
  • Reward: Unknown

Ocean Loot Bundle

  • Sea Salt x5
  • King Scallop x1
  • Eastern Oyster x1
  • Blue Mussel x1
  • Green Sea Urchin x1
  • Reward: Unknown

Catch Altar Bundles: All Items, Resources, and Rewards

Completing the Catch Altar bundles — the Fresh Water Fish bundle, the Salt Water Fish Bundle, the Rare Fish Bundle, the Day Insect Bundle, the Night INsect Bundle, and the Ocean Critters Bundle — will unlock the Dig Site.

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Fresh Water Fish Bundle

  • Catfish x1
  • Tilapia x1
  • Rainbow Fish x1
  • Silver Arowana x1
  • Silver Star Koi x1
  • Reward: Unknown

Salt Water Fish Bundle

  • Pink Snapper x1
  • Lionfish x1
  • Asian Sheepshead x1
  • Yellowfin Tuna x1
  • Silver Star Sardine x1
  • Reward: Unknown

Rare Fish Bundle

  • Sturgeon x1
  • Gator Gar x1
  • Arapaima x1
  • Giant Sea Bass x1
  • Yellow Moray Eel x1
  • Reward: Unknown

Day Insect Bundle

  • Pipevine Swallowtail Butterfly
  • Tiger Beetle
  • Yucca Moth
  • Assam Silk Moth
  • Monarch Caterpillar
  • Reward: Unknown

Night Insect Bundle

  • Firefly x1
  • Cecropia Caterpillar x1
  • Centipede x1
  • Rove Beetle x1
  • Atlas Moth x1
  • Reward: Unknown

Ocean Critters Bundle

  • Cannonball Jellyfish x1
  • Hermit Crab x1
  • Sexy Shrimp x1
  • Sunflower Sea Star x1
  • Pom-pom Crab x1
  • Reward: Unknown

Advanced Altar Bundles: All Items, Resources, and Rewards

You’ll need to finish out six more bundles here, including the Barn Animals Bundle, the Coop Animals Bundle, the Basic Cooking Bundle, the Basic Artisan Bundle, the Fruit Plant Bundle, and the Monster Loot Bundle. Doing so unlocks the Warp Sesajen.

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Barn Animals Bundle

This bundle requires six offerings.

  • Milk x1
  • Goat Milk x1
  • Wool x1
  • Large Goat Milk x1
  • Large Wool x1
  • Silver Star Large Milk x1
  • Reward: Unknown

Coop Animals Bundle

This bundle requires four offerings.

  • Egg x1
  • Duck Egg x1
  • Large Egg x1
  • Large Duck Egg x1
  • Reward: Completing this bundle unlocks the Mayonnaise Machine. You’ll also receive one Mayonnaise Machine for free.

Basic Cooking Bundle

  • Smoothie x1
  • Grilled Fish x1
  • Sunny-side-up Eggs x2
  • Tomato Soup x1
  • Onigiri x1
  • Reward: Unknown

Basic Artisan Bundle

  • Any Mayonnaise x1
  • Any Fruit Juice x1
  • Any Butter
  • Any Dried Scavengeables x1
  • Any Pickle x1
  • Reward: Unknown

Fruit Plant Bundle

  • Silver Star Rambutan x1
  • Silver Star Durian x1
  • Silver Star Mango x1
  • Silver Star Dragonfruit x1
  • Silver Star Apple x1
  • Silver Star Lemon x1
  • Silver Star Almond x1
  • Silver Star Cocoa Bean x1
  • Reward: Unknown

Monster Loot Bundle

  • Silky Fur x5
  • Monster Essence x5
  • Bat Wing x5
  • Tough Meat x5
  • Slime Goop x5
  • Reward: Unknown

Rare Altar Bundles: All Items, Resources, and Rewards

There are six more bundles to complete here, including the Rare Crops Bundle, the Precious Gems Bundle, the Rare Cooking Bundle, the Rare Artisan Bundle, the Rare Ranching Products Bundle, and the Rare Resources Bundle. Finishing these will give you access to the Savannah area.

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Rare Crops Bundle

  • Osmium Star Snowdrop x1
  • Osmium Star Coffee Bean x1
  • Osmium Star Garlic x1
  • Osmium Star Cotton
  • Osmium Star Cactus x1
  • Reward: Unknown

Precious Gems Bundle

  • Black Opal x1
  • Labradorite x1
  • Diamond x1
  • Peridot x1
  • Red Beryl x1
  • Reward: Unknown

Rare Cooking Bundle

  • Vegan Taco x1
  • Apple Pie x1
  • Serabi x1
  • Pad Thai x1
  • Es Cendol x1
  • Reward: Unknown

Rare Artisan Bundle

  • Titan Arum Black Honey x1
  • Any Kimchi x1
  • Any Wine x1
  • Fermented Goat Cheese Wheel x1
  • White Truffle Oil x1
  • Reward: Unknown

Rare Ranching Products Bundle

  • Black Truffle x 1
  • Large Quail Egg x1
  • Large Llama Wool
  • Large Feather x1
  • Large Gesha Coffee Bean x1
  • Reward: Unknown

Rare Resources Bundle

This bundle requires six offerings to complete.

  • Gold Bar x3
  • Silver Bar x3
  • Bronze Bar x3
  • Gold Kelp Essence x3
  • Silver Kelp Essence x3
  • Bronze Kelp Essence x3
  • Reward: Unknown

How to Track Lake Temple Offerings

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There are a lot of items to take note of that the Goddess has requested. Thankfully, you can see if you’ve already donated something or not by looking in your inventory.

  • Under the Inventory tab, you’ll see if an item has been Donated or Offered when you hover over it. If it’s been Offered, the icon will be tan instead of gray. It will also show you items that are offerings, even if you don’t have the relevant altar unlocked.

This doesn’t work on the quick bar, nor does it appear when Shipping items. I always go into my inventory and see what I donated or offered to double-check what I should ship before heading to the bin.

Those are all the Lake Temple offerings listed, as well as their rewards in Coral Island. For more about unlocking various places or activities, such as diving, take a look through our growing guides hub.

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