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Coral Island: How to Get Resin Easily

Let's talk about how to get Resin easily in Coral Island.

If you’re looking to get a Silo and other constructions that require Resin but don’t know where to get this material, we’ve got you covered. Here’s how to get Resin easily in Coral Island.

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How to Get Resin Easily in Coral Island

Resin is an artisan product that’s easily acquired from green spiky Pine trees, it just takes a bit of time and the proper equipment. First off, we require the Tapper of Trees or as it’s known to its friends, the Tap. You’ll need to reach Foraging level four to craft this bad boy, as well as 50 Wood and three Bronze Bars. I would say it’s one of the more affordable pieces of artisan equipment and the process of getting Resin is quite simple.

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All you need to do now is take your Tap to a nearby Pine tree and interact with it. Since the game is in Early Access there isn’t a clear UI prompt. I recommend just trying to click on the base of the tree for the option to place a Tap to appear. It takes around three days for your harvest to yield so check back a bit later.

Once it’s done, you’ll get a single instance of Resin you can use for all your equipment and construction needs. Examples of things you can craft with it are the Silo, the Ultimate scarecrow, and the Gold and Osmium watering can. Another neat part about resin is that everybody likes it as a gift, but it’s not a loved item by anyone.

We hope you’ve found this guide on how to get Resin easily in Coral Island useful. The process is simple though a bit slow at first. For more guides on the game like how to increase town rank or unlock diving, check out our Coral Island game hub.

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