Here's how to work up a habitable room in Core Keeper and get merchants to move in for you to buy and sell wares.

Core Keeper Habitable Room Requirements Guide

Here's how to work up a habitable room in Core Keeper and get merchants to move in for you to buy and sell wares.

You need a habitable room for a merchant to move into your base in Core Keeper, much like in similar titles such as Terraria. Other than needing walls, what you need to make a room habitable isn’t entirely obvious. We’ll cover that in the guide below. 

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Actually making a room suitable for Core Keeper‘s merchants is very easy; the main trouble is making one up being that you need to defeat bosses to unlock the merchants in the first place.

How to Make a Habitable Room in Core Keeper

At the time of writing, there are three bosses to defeat in the inner circle before you are able to open the Great Wall and reach Azeos’ Wilderness. Each of the three bosses drops an item that entices a merchant to come stay at your base.

  • Glurch the Abominous Mass drops Slime Oil, which is required for the Slime Merchant.
  • Ghorm the Devourer drops the Mysterious Idol, which is required for the Caveling Merchant.
  • The Hive Mother drops the Heart of the Hive Mother, which is required for the Spirit Merchant.

The base requirements for a room for all three are the same. The only difference lies in the merchant’s unique item you need to place in the room to get them there.

Habitable Room Requirements

A room must meet the following prerequisites for a merchant to move into a habitable room:

  • Be at least 5 x 5 tiles internally.
  • Have at least one light source inside.
  • Have a door.
  • Contain a bed.
  • Have a merchant’s requisite item placed on the floor.

A mistake many players make is putting the merchant item on a pedestal, because it just seems natural to do so. Nope — put the item on the floor.

Additionally, some players report having trouble getting merchants to spawn if the room is too large. That said, you do not have to have wooden walls or anything fancier if you don’t feel like. You don’t even need flooring. Though it is a little sad asking them to move into a filthy hovel, you can do it that way if you really want.

That’s all you need to know about how to make a habitable room in Core Keeper. Check out some of our other Core Keeper guides here on GameSkinny, such as how to get Slime Oil or how to get Ancient Feathers.

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