Counter Strike 2: How to Twerk in CS2

Gone are the days of tea-bagging, let us show you how to twerk in CS2.

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The refined 3D models of Counter Strike 2 have elevated the outdated practice of simply tea-bagging the air into the exquisite art of twerking. If you are a fan of the game, you have probably seen a few videos on YouTube of CS2 players twerking and no, it is not an emote or a mod. You can easily do it yourself and we are going to show you how to twerk in CS2.

How to Twerk in CS2

The days of tea-bagging are the days of yore, twerking is the new meta. Best of all, unlike complex moves with your model like bunny hopping, twerking is incredibly simple to do. All you need to do is moderate mouse sensitivity and the crouch button.

Here is how to twerk in Counter Strike 2:

  • First crouch.
  • Then quickly alternate between looking up and looking at your feet.

The unique nature of the advanced 3D models of CS2 makes this motion surprisingly smooth to onlookers. Simply moving the camera up and down will yield this unique animation that is emote-worthy

In case you have the command console and the third-person commands enabled, type “thirdperson” in the console to get a better overview of your model while twerking. Either way, other players will get a much better view of the animation.

No Escape From Twerking

However you use this move, it is undeniably a huge YouTube meme sensation. We have no doubt you will be seeing this animation a lot more frequently as the player base learns of it.

It’s a little weird, but who doesn’t want to flex on randoms? Now you know how to twerk in CS2 to do just that. You can find more CS2 tips in our dedicated guides section here. For example, if you are interested in advanced movement then our how to bind jump to scroll wheel guide might be useful.

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