How to unlock new cars and upgrade your existing collection in Crash of Cars.

Crash of Cars Guide: How to Unlock and Upgrade Cars

How to unlock new cars and upgrade your existing collection in Crash of Cars.
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Crash of Cars for Android and iOS relentlessly tosses you into the fray after a brief tutorial that teaches you nothing more than your objective and how to turn. In this game, there are no winners and there are no losers. Instead, we’re all crazy road ragers who will do anything to hoard as many crowns as possible — including crushing you and stealing your hard-earned crowns in the process.

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You start the game with a fairly neutral car called Chuck. It is the definition of a normal car — there’s absolutely nothing special about it. While some of you may prefer this, others may feel more comfortable smashing their opponents with a hulking school bus or zippy bumper car. But how can you find yourself behind the wheel of a ride like that?

How to Unlock and Upgrade Cars in Clash of Cars

You have to collect coins to take your chances with the Prize Machine. Thankfully coins are bountiful and can be earned in a variety of ways:

  • Coins are awarded for passing certain Crown milestones each match.
  • Free gifts shower you with coins for logging in every few hours. These reset daily.
  • Watch ads while the free gifts are on cooldown for a 20 Coin bump. Normally they let you watch two in a row, and sometimes they’ll give you one after a free gift. This is your best source of income, so don’t skip these.
  • Completing the daily missions nets you some sweet coin rewards. These unlock at Prestige level 2.

You need 100 coins to try your luck at the Prize Machine. Since the only other thing you can buy with coins is basic skins, I highly suggest you continue to blow all of your funds here until you’re happy with your car collection.

The Prize Machine is like a gachapon that randomly selects keys for Common, Rare, Epic, and Legendary cars, then rolls them out to you. This unlocks a brand new car for you to play around with in the battle arena. On the off chance that the Prize Machine rolls you the keys to a car you already own, it upgrades the car and increases its health pool.

Unfortunately, the process is entirely random; there’s no way to just unlock and upgrade the car you want — even if you spend real money. Whether you’re looking for a Common or Legendary ride, expect to spend a lot of time just waiting to get lucky.

Now go forth my little road ragers and wreak havoc on all those poor crown hoarders in the arena. Whether you play bus or buggy, every day is a new day to dominate the great crown race in Crash of Cars.

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