Creatures in the Cellar Quest: Child Of Light Guide

Can't find the last creature in the cellar in Child of Light? Here's the location.

Can't find the last creature in the cellar in Child of Light? Here's the location.
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Are you stuck clearing out of the cellar in Bolmus Populi? Killed everything in sight but the game keeps warning you as you leave that there are still things alive down there?

You’re in good company. This very thing happened on my playthrough, as well as to several other readers. 

“cannot find the damn rats in the cellar! Does anyone know how to pass this quest?”

“I have gone through it a dozen times and Ocullus keeps telling me there are more creatures to kill, but I cannot find them.”

Where to Find the Last Enemy in the Cellar

Yup. There is, in fact, one last %&$^ fire wraith still hiding in the cellar.

Don’t bother looking for run of the mill rodents, our rat friend may have vaguely referred to his infested cellar like it was full of run of the mill vermin, but rest assured he knew he was sending a child down there to battle fiery netherworld monsters. Kindhearted gent, eh?

Long story short, it’s hiding in a chest. If you haven’t opened the chest, you haven’t beaten the monster and thus the quest won’t complete. LP_5091 has more details on the chest location, if you’re having trouble finding it.

“They’re in a chest just by the foot of the diagonal shaft with all the traps. Finally got it!”

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