Control the underworld by winning the Turf Wars in Crime Boss: Rockay City.

Crime Boss: Rockay City Turf War Guide

Control the underworld by winning the Turf Wars in Crime Boss: Rockay City.

Crime Boss: Rockay City is a roguelike game where you must build a criminal empire. To do this, you’ll need to take over territories from rival gangs. Here’s our Crime Boss: Rockay City Turf War guide to help you with gang leaders, soldiers for hire, and general mechanics.

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Crime Boss: Rockay City Turf Wars

You’ll unlock the Crime Boss: Rockay City Turf War mechanic after just a few missions. From here, the game’s progression will revolve around completing mission types with your team of recruits and taking over territories before advancing to the next day.

Meet the gang leaders

Each gang leader controls their own turf, denoted by their colors. Likewise, they have a particular tier, which implies the difficulty when facing them. Here they are:

  • Hielo (Chicos): Tier 1 (Yellow)
  • Khan (Riders): Tier 1 (Red)
  • Dollar Dragon (Sicarios): Tier 1 (Green)
  • Don Barbaro (Scudos): Tier 3 (Purple)
  • Sheriff (Police): There’s also the Sheriff (played by Chuck Norris). Police don’t control a particular turf, but your “heat” will increase as you progress further, symbolizing how you’ve become a threat to peace and order due to your rise in the criminal underworld.

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Claiming territories, hiring soldiers, and rewards

In the Crime Boss: Rockay City Turf Wars, your gang (blue) starts with one territory. Due to the roguelike nature of the game, this location will be randomized whenever Baker dies and you have to restart the campaign run. But the core mechanics still remain. Here’s the gist:

  • You may only claim adjacent territories. This action will require at least 10 soldiers.
  • If you need to get more soldiers, you can press the Hire button on the lower portion of the map (capped each day and based on your maximum army limit).
  • Each territory has a particular reward, such as a daily income bonus and extra black market resources (i.e., jewelries, electronics, drugs, and the like). However, planning and going through with the action will cost some cash, too.
  • A neutral or grey-colored territory can be claimed without much fanfare, but you still need at least 10 soldiers to do this.
  • A gang-controlled territory that you attack will lead to a battle, as will any instance where your own hubs need to be defended.

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Attacking in Crime Boss: Rockay City Turf Wars

Attacking in a Crime Boss: Rockay City Turf War is fairly straightforward. Pick an area controlled by a rival gang, then select the number of soldiers to bring to the battle (the cost will increase the more you send out). You’ll then see an interface at the top of your screen showing the number of combatants, as well as a timer that’s counting down how much time you have left to complete the encounter.

Once ready, you’ll spawn in and control a random soldier. You’ll then need to eliminate a specific number of enemy troops on the map, which are denoted by yellow pips on their heads. If your active soldier dies, you’ll swap to another one. Hopefully your units can survive the ordeal.

In any case, once you’ve taken out enough hostiles, an elite denoted by a red highlight will spawn. This mob is essentially a bullet sponge, and killing this target will win the battle for your squad.

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Defending in Crime Boss: Rockay City Turf Wars

As mentioned earlier, a defensive battle occurs whenever any of your held territories gets invaded by a rival gang. You can select a number of soldiers to send as reinforcements, and can even go below the recommended number if you don’t want to bring that many.

In these encounters, you control Touchdown. Instead of regular pistols or SMGs, you’ll be armed with a colorful light machine gun, allowing you to lay waste to rival goons.

That’s what you need to know to get started with Turf Wars in Crime Boss: Rockay City. We’ve got more Crime Boss guides here on GameSkinny if you need more help getting through the game.

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