Crossy Road – How to unlock the Pro Gamer character

Unlocking the Pro Gamer character isn't easy, but it is doable.

Unlocking the Pro Gamer character isn't easy, but it is doable.

There are a ton of Crossy Road characters now. Every time I come back to the game, there are new characters to unlock and play with. It’s been a while since I last played, and this time around I was met with the new Korean characters introduced in June. 

There are a total of nine characters added with the Korean update, but only one requires some extra work: the Pro Gamer. The Pro Gamer is the newest secret character and is as difficult to get as it sounds. 

Why was the Pro Gamer character included in the Korean update? Because South Korea was the first country in which professional gaming became a real thing, starting with StarCraft: Broodwar back during online gaming’s infancy. The more you know!

How to unlock the Pro Gamer

Do you remember unlocking the crab? Where you have to move left and right as you move forward? Unlocking this secret character is kind of like that.

In order to unlock the Pro Gamer, you need to get a score of over 90 while using a Korean character you’ve already unlocked — but that’s not all. You need to make sure you go fast while you do it. Do not stall, do not wait. Just keep moving forward.

If you are having trouble just moving past some cars or waiting for a log, make sure you keep moving. Swiping left to right while you wait to move forward is your best course of action. After all, if you stop you won’t unlock the Pro Gamer.

Hopefully this helps you unlock the Pro Gamer, which displays your APM (actions per minute) as you push through the perils of Crossy Road.

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