Crown Tundra footprints lead you to Iron Will, Grasslands, and Cavern pokemon, which you need to catch the mythical Keldeo.

Crown Tundra Footprints: How to Find Iron Will, Grasslands, & Cavern Pokemon

Crown Tundra footprints lead you to Iron Will, Grasslands, and Cavern pokemon, which you need to catch the mythical Keldeo.

The Pokemon Crown Tundra footrpints quest helps you find Iron Will, Grassland, and Cavern pokemon from Black and White. Catching Cobalion, Virizion, and Terrakion involves a bit of sleuthing and footprint finding, but having three of The Sword of Justice pokemon pays off because you can use them to capture the final member: Keldeo. 

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This guide walks you through that process, tells you where pokemon footprints are most likely to appear, and finishes up with how to get Keldeo. 

Crown Tundra Footprints Quest

Leave Freezington Village heading south, and trigger a scene near the first tree on the right in Frostpoint Field. Sonia appears, tells you about the mysterious footprints, and mentions that Iron Will, Cavern, and Grassland Pokemon may be hiding in the area. 

You must find where they are hiding by discovering footprints.

Footprints Quest not working? 

If the Crown Tundra footprints quest is not working for you, there’s a reason for that. You need to have already faced off against Zacian or Zamazenta in the main story before you can access the quest. 

How many footprints do you need to collect? 

Each Pokemon has 50 footprint sets you must find. Each set accounts for a 2% increase for that Pokemon, and there is a total of 150 footprint sets (since there are three pokemon to find). 

What do footprints look like? 

Footprints don’t show up as sparkly points; they look like two imprints in the ground with colors matching their respective owners:

  • Blue for Cobalion
  • Green for Virizion
  • Brown for Terrakion.

Crown Tundra Iron Will Pokemon Footprints

Cobalion’s footprints are more likely to appear in the eastern part of Crown Tundra. Investigate around the Frigid Sea area, plus the Roaring Sea-Caves, Three-Point Pass, and surrounding locales.

Crown Tundra Grassland Pokemon Footprints

Virizion’s footprints are scattered around the Giant’s Bed area and Frostpoint Field.

Crown Tundra Cavern Pokemon Footprints

Terrakion’s footprints are in Crown Tundra’s southern areas. Check the Lakeside Cave, Ballimere Lake, and the area around the Dyna Tree.

What to do after you’ve collected 50 pokemon footprints

After you find 50 footprints for any of the Pokemon, head back to Sonia. She’ll tell you where you can find that Pokemon.

Travel to that location, and they will pop up like any other legendary pokemon. Each of these legendary pokemon is Level 70, so make sure you come prepared.

Pokemon Crown Tundra Keldeo Location

With all three Swords of Justice Pokemon in tow, go back to Sonia once again. Then head out for Ballimere Lake.

Search for a small island with a cookpot on it, and make some curry. It doesn’t matter which kind, though if you want to follow a curry recipe, we’ve got plenty of those. 

Leave the campsite after you’ve eaten the curry and your ‘mon gain their experience. Keldeo will appear nearby, and you know what to do from there. It’s a Water/Fighting hybrid, so Virizion is a good choice here.

That’s everything you need to know about how to find Crown Tundra’s Iron Will, Cavern, and Grassland Pokemon to get to Keldeo, but be sure to check out our other Pokemon Crown Tundra guides for more tips. And if you found this guide helpful, consider giving it a share! 

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