Stuck on Regidrago's pattern or wondering what let ring the piercing note means? Our Crown Tundra Legendary Clue 2 guide has all the answers.

Crown Tundra Registeel, Regice, & Regirock: Legendary Clue 2 Guide

Stuck on Regidrago's pattern or wondering what let ring the piercing note means? Our Crown Tundra Legendary Clue 2 guide has all the answers.
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One of the first mysteries you uncover in Pokemon Crown Tundrarevolves around Legendary Clue 2 and two new Regis in particular: Regidrago and Regieleki. Getting to the bottom of these mysteries to let ring the piercing note and find Registeel, Regice, and Regirock is a bit of a process but worth it. 

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Even though you can get to Crown Tundra anytime in your Sword and Shieldadventure, you need all eight badges to start catching Pokemon there, including the legendaries. Otherwise, they’ll stay “very strong looking,” and you can’t throw a Pokeball.

Crown Tundra Legendary Clue 2

After defeating Peony and going through Crown Tundra’s opening segments, you’ll get several Legendary Clues. The easiest one to tackle right away is Legendary Clue 2, the one connected to the Regi Pokemon.

You’ll need to capture Registeel, Regirock, and Regice to get a chance at one of the two new Regis.

How to Open Registeel Ruins

Leave the village through its south exit. Go through the snow field, and you’ll see a temple to your right as soon as you enter the Giant’s Bed. This is where you’ll find Registeel.

The door’s clue reads “Let ring the piercing note,” and the only way to do that is to whistle. Stand in front of the door and press the left stick in to make your character whistle, and the door opens. 

Inside, step on all the dots to activate the lights and trigger the Registeel battle. 

Registeel is Level 70 and, being pure Steel type, is weak to Ground, Fighting, and Fire Pokemon.

How to Open Regirock Ruins

Head to the southeast corner of the Giant’s Bed to find another temple. If you’re struggling to pick them out on the map, just look for the slight indent in the border.

Regirock’s door is much less cryptic than Registeel’s. “Let the first Pokemon hold a never-changing stone,” which means you must give your leading Pokemon an Everstone.

If you don’t have an Everstone on hand, you can find them littered about the Lakeside Cave to the south, near the legendary bird tree. Or you can stuff four Hard Stone in the Cram-o-Matic back on the Isle of Armor.

Repeat the pattern lighting step from Registeel’s temple, and get ready for battle. Regirock is also Level 70, and its pure Rock typing makes it weak to Water, Grass, Fighting, Ground, and Steel.

How to Open Regice Ruins

Head to the northeast out of the Giant’s Bed, and you’ll run into a Watt Trader in the Snowslide Slope area. Keep traveling until you find a broken wall on the left, take the path there, and keep going until you hit the ruins.

This time, your clue is “Walk together with a living crystal of snow.” Put a Cryogonal first in your party, and approach the door for it to open.

Activate the lights, then start the battle with Regice. It’s also Level 70. A pure Ice type, Regice is weak to Fighting, Rock, Fire, and Steel.

Split-Decision Ruins: Regidrago and Regieleki

All this leads up to the two new Regi Pokemon in the Split-Decision Ruins. Fly back to Regirock’s ruins, and head west, then north around the promontory. Ride into the river and go through the tunnel.

It dumps you out in an icy bay. Take a right and ride up the slope to reach Split-Decision Ruins.

Here, you have a choice to make. You can only capture Regidrago OR Regieleki, not both. The one you get depends on the pattern you light up.

Regidrago Pattern

The Regidrago pattern is on the right in the image above, and the Regeleki pattern is on the left. You do get the option to reset if you change your mind after finishing one of the patterns, though.

How to Get Regigigas in Crown Tundra

If you’re determined to get every Regi Pokemon in Crown Tundra, your next step is capturing Regigas. It takes some work plus a friend willing to trade you a Regi.

You need all five other Regi Pokemon to awaken Regigigas, which means trading with someone willing to give you a Regidrago or Regieleki.

Once you’ve got them all, fly to the Watt Trader at the Snowslide Slope, turn around, and go back to the Giant’s Bed.

Follow the path a little ways, and you’ll find a dormant Den surrounded by rocks. Interact with it when you have all the Regis in your party, and you’ll start a fight with a Dynamaxed, Level 100 Regigigas.

Are the Regis Shiny Locked in Crown Tundra?

All indications are that the Regis aren’t Shiny locked in Crown Tundra. Other Legendary Pokemon tied in with the DLC’s story, including Calyrex, are.

But you’ve got a chance at finding Shiny Registeel and Shiny all the other Regis, if you’re patient enough to keep re-rolling until you find one.

With the answers to Legendary Clue 2 in hand, that’s all you need to know about getting Registeel, Regice, Regirock, and others in Crown Tundra. Stay tuned to GameSkinny for more Pokemon Crown Tundra guides in the coming days.

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